Wednesday, March 17, 2010

plaisir obscene

happy st. patrick's day! here is a four-leaf clover (or "club" as i like to call them) for all my dear irish friends. miss you all! and for anyone who is not irish, i don't miss you that much today. :)

its hump day and i'm rather busy, so i just wanted to put up two things that were fun for you to enjoy and think about for 3.17 seconds.

the first is a graph i found here which shows which fast food restaurant is most popular ("most popular" as in because its there, not necessarily because people like it) across the US. notice how dairy queen has a monopoly on middle-of-nowhere north dakota. i like that hardees is still around. their milkshakes are way better than mcdonald's. what's your favorite fast food restaurant?

and how cool is this?? for my compatriots who grew up in the late 80s/early 90s, this will surely take you back. this episode is, in fact, my favorite saved by the bell episode. remember?

[plaisir obscene is a song by french singer emily - it means "obscene pleasure" which is nearly how i felt after seeing these graphs. "nearly," i say. nearly.]


  1. wow, mcd's really has a super stronghold on the northeast! it's funny how little the "big 3" (mcd's, bk, wendy's) figure into the rest of the country! i wish we had jack in the box! hey, why isn't in-n-out on there?

  2. i was wondering about in-n-out, too! i've never eaten there, but i know tons of people who love it. also, its too bad they dont show which taco places are big where. in sac its all del taco but in fargo its taco bell or taco johns.