Wednesday, March 17, 2010

stars on the water

haven't talked to family today so not sure what the mood is in fargo with all of the flood fight. it got me wondering, though... why hasn't there been as much national coverage this year? sure the river is expected to crest at (only) 38 feet this weekend (vs. 40/41 feet last year), but its coming faster and sooner than in years past. maybe its because i'm not there, but i feel like the sentiment is that its not as big of a deal as it was in years past. is this the case? does the nation think "oh, those hard-working north dakotans, go get 'em! just like you always do..."??!!

so i looked up the flooding at cnn. yes, an article, but hardly anything indicating what the city is going through - last year it was on the homepage. the new york times has a decent article from the AP here and another one here with a lot of the same info. an old coworker from ohio sent me this article from bloomberg news, again nothing groundbreaking.

what's the sentiment in fargo? and how are people holding up? do people across the nation reading this have any idea or only because you read this?

in related news, here is a file from last year - documents to keep in a flood. read it. its important.

[stars on the water is a lovely song by good ol' jb from one particular harbor.]


  1. Denny Walaker (mayor) says we are in good shape. No more volunteers needed tonight. I think it is going to me OK

  2. whew! or phew! glad its getting better, but i read today that it will be "major flood stage" for a looong time...

  3. i think the flooding has been overshadowed by things like haiti and other crazy earthquakes... you just hit a bad news cycle for excessive water. i haven't heard anything about it other than from your blog! plus, everyone in boston was flooded out over the weekend, too. 4 out of 9 people in my office had tons of water issues!