Friday, October 9, 2009

left in the wrong world part 13

i woke up this morning and read the news before going to work. “Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize.” My first thought was “for what?” but I didn’t dwell on this issue – clearly there are people far smarter than I who decide these things. My next thought was a sigh of relief, “yes! There is nothing bad my coworkers at work can say about this. clearly winning an award is a good thing for whatever reason.” Am I naïve?

Said directly to me as she takes out her phone and we get in the elevator:
“my husband and I rag on Obama all the time. We love it.”
[Calling husband]
Overheard her talking on the phone:
“Honey, guess what a broker sent me today? He said that Obama was awarded the Cy Young award for throwing the first pitch at a game.” [Hysterical laughter follows]Also overheard at work:

“Being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize because he’s a liberal.”


[trying to discredit the nobel peace prize] “they gave it to Yasser Arafat. A KNOWN terrorist. Come on.”

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