Monday, October 12, 2009

dream apartment - 2

in august, i decided to start a recurring series on things i want in my perfect apartment. (or house, but can anyone really picture me owning property unless its in paris??) i haven't found a ton of things that i thought would be must-haves, but i haven't really been looking. and then today:

oh my gosh. i can hardly believe how cool this thing is. check out this picture of a trap door for wine. i don't know how you get into it, but i don't care i want one!

what do you think?


  1. Broadly, I agree that you should have a wine cellar with a trap door. I would, however, dream bigger -- why not also have a subterranean larder, with cakes and ale? Maybe fine cheeses? What would the good people of Coober Pedy suggest, do you think?,_South_Australia

  2. je - you're so right. i SHOULD dream bigger... but now i feel stressed. what if my dreams are not big enough?

    and i think coober pedyers would maybe want me to make a wine cellar of opal?

  3. I happen to have a trap door wine cellar in my house. I'm not that big of a "wino", so I just keep the gimp down there.

  4. niice -
    "bring out the gimp"
    what famous movie?