Sunday, October 25, 2009

everybody wants to rule the world

one of the saddest moments is when you glance at your wine glass then lift it to your mouth only to find that it is empty. not enough wine left to drip down the glass to your lips. i am very sad now because this just happened.

so.... sunday night it is. for me, this means: food network night. love it. and i just downloaded the food network ipod app - i'll let you know if it sucks. i'm totally excited for this.

i can't believe the weekend is gone. i wonder what i did and for once, i haven't felt like i did nothing. i feel like i was busy all weekend, even if i can't remember what i did. i watched a lot of movies and that makes me happy. today i went to capitalism: a love story and it was pretty good. it was a bit long, but the beginning really tickled me: the history of the roman empire which was all empowering and impressive and once at its own height and then fell because of... well, you need to watch it. but i thought this was cool because i listened to a podcast within the past 6 months about the US and being THE super-power and comparing it to companies and when they fall - they fall because they don't realize they're falling and can't stop the process. it was based on a business week article. the question is: when are you at the height and when do you fall? and can you stop it?

anyway, i went to that and then came home and have decided that i need to redo my finances. i'm not a huge michael moore fan - i appreciate his message and his movies, but i'm not the ultimate fan. however, i do get his newsletter or whatever it is which i normally skim. the most recent one really hit me. it talked about not giving business to companies that ... essentially don't deserve your business. and after watching his movie today i realized that one has to have principles and stick to them. so i am going to sign up for the local bank and try to stop shopping at businesses that give to organizations i dont like. there is a great website which allows you to see where companies donate their money or if they're green or suppor local causes: it helps you to be a more informed consumer and i really appreciate that.

i'm also doing this because i had a near-heart attack on friday at work. i'll try to make this really long story short but basically i have too many bank accounts. i have the account i never use (and really should close, but i'm pretty sure i have to close it in person and i'm never in boston anymore). there is the account that i prefer to use in boston but isn't in fargo. there is the account in fargo but not in boston. none of these are in columbus. then i have the online account which i use to transfer money among the three. i might have another one somewhere... i should look into that. so basically my company pays me into the account in boston. but i dont have the ability to deposit my expense account checks here in columbus, so i have the boston company send them to my mom in fargo so she can deposit them. which means i have my money split in many different accounts. apparently, a few weeks ago when i set up my amex payment for the due date (last friday), i set it up to come out of the fargo account. but i didnt remember doing that. so earlier this week when i realized i had to pay my rent for november, i started transferring my money from my fargo account to my boston account, via the online account. forgetting of course that i out-smarted myself and paid my amex bill from the very account which i was transferring money. once i realized this on friday while at work, i called my mom and told her (not asked her, unfortunately) told her to check the mail immediately when she got home, see if my expense check was there. if so, she had to go deposit it before 3pm. it was there, which was great, and it got into my account and somehow cleared in time for me to not get any overdraft charges (YET). i think everything is ok for now... but i have learned my lesson. i need to NOT have forty thousand accounts. and i need to not deal with companies taking bailout money and not treating customers correctly (wells fargo and citibank). so i am going to cancel those accounts (along with the boston account i dont use - citizens bank who i HATE) and start using a local, north dakota based bank. any suggestions? state bank of fargo? bank of north dakota? i appreciate your input.

[oh, btw, love the opposite of a shout-out to senator conrad in michael moore's movie. HA. and now he's embroiled in the healthcare debate. shame, shame.]

oh. my. god. i LOVE it. i just saw a food network sundays commercial and the song. THE SONG! its a remix of a poe song! i love it!! she is one of my FAVORITE artists. i'm so stoked right now. also, i have to make a comment on next iron chef. can we all just agree that its going to be chef freitag? i'm not happy about this, but she clearly has the biggest food network profile, i feel like putting her in the next iron chef competition is their way of making it seem "fair" to make her the next iron chef. i think they have too many iron chefs already, but if they "need" another one, it should def be a woman, so ... freitag i guess they are thinking. i kind of like chef creen, but that might be because of a proclivity towards the french.

sigh. ok, so that is it for me and my fast-paced sunday. or not? i can't remember if it was faced paced now or not... in any case, i'm going to get more wine.

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