Thursday, October 22, 2009

left in the wrong world part 17

last weekend i went out with a coworker and her friends. my main point to them was that no one WANTS a big government. but it companies are going to take advantage of people so that executives get richer and other people get poorer, something has to be done. i'm all for people making money. it's just that when they are stomping on people who can't defend themselves that i have a problem. in that vain, overheard at work:
"They want to dictate pay, credit card products, the cars you manufacture."
then later in the day:
"Obama wants the jobless rate to get over 10% so that then he can take over all these companies like Ford."
i could go on, but it gives me a headache...

1 comment:

  1. REALLY? So he can take over FORD... that was the best reason he could manufacture...
    Glad you're there and not me :P