Tuesday, September 1, 2009

left in the wrong world part 8

overheard at work:
"i dont understand why people are so upset with insurance companies. they just don't want them to make any money. kellogg's makes money every year and no one gets upset with them."


  1. dell!

    Okay, so really I'm only commenting on this because I have no idea how to get a hold of you anymore. But yes, it sounds like your co-worker might be a dipshit.

    How did I lose you, girl? I was referring to a conversation we had today regarding east-coast men vs. midwest men, and realized that I haven't talked to you in forever. And couldn't find you on Facebook. And finally just ended up googling you (stalker much, lol?) to find you. So, hi! Hope you are doing wonderfully well. E-mail me if/when you have time - I'd love to hear what you've been up to.

    shikha jo

  2. Actually, they kind of have a point. If Rice Krispies were to quite being profitable due to demand and Kellogs discountinues making them, other then from fans of the product there is not a public up roar. However, if an insurance company were to discontinue coverage for a certain diagnostic method because of cost there is public outrage because they don't allow people choice or a certain quality of care. That conflict between pure profit motive and maintaining freedom of choice and the quality of care is the main issue with health care. That is also why the Obama plan as currently being pitched won't work and the Clinton plan failed. Essentially you have three things cost, quality and choice and if you want to have an effective system you can pick two but the current plan and the Clinton plan both proposed to improve all three which is virtually impossible and that's not partsian it's common sense and basic economics - that said I'm guessing that wasn't the point she was trying to get to more then likely she is bat shit crazy.