Wednesday, September 2, 2009

what’s your vector, victor?

people ask me all the time what i do. i explained to a friend in london last week. here is what i wrote:
What do I do? What DO I do? WHAT do I do? Yes… good question. I’m a relationship manager for a financial firm. So, basically Firm A has hired me to make sure that their client, Firm B, is happy. I do whatever Firm B wants me to do on behalf of Firm A and try to make Firm A look good while I am keeping Firm B happy. Does that make sense? And the actual doing is moving of stocks and bonds from different accounts. I make sure they move and everyone gets paid and fix problems and whatnot. It’s a jack of all trades, master of none type job.

and for the purpose of everyone's knowledge here, let's say that Firm A, who i used to work for, is a cake seller. they buy and sell cakes (or borrow and lend) cakes from one firm to other firms that can use them. and Firm B, who has hired Firm A, is a cake maker. They make the cakes and put them together and Firm A, who has hired me to be a consultant, wants to make sure that we get the cakes from Firm B's warehouses to the buyers warehouses. i am here to make sure all the cakes move correctly and that Firm B has all the ingredients they need from Firm A to make the cakes so Firm A can get the cakes in the market.

the reason why i have chosen this analogy is because i like saying cake boss. that is the only reason.

cake boss.

so yeah, work these days is a bit tedious. to make it analogous to cake making, i am basically counting the granules of sugar. one by one. that is how detail oriented and yet mind-numbing this job is right now. it shall get better in a few months when i have to train the next cake mover (that's me, a cake mover) to take over. i like training. it means i get to talk a lot.


as an aside, my mom is in town for a few days. so i have been rather busy running here and there and then everywhere. last night, i picked her up from the airport and we went to easton - this cutesy area - and had pf changs. chicken lettuce wraps and kung pao chicken. mmm mmmm good. and then we came home after driving around a bit and then i had to go to bed.

this morning i drove myself to work, worked for four hours, then drove all the way back to my apartment to pick up my mom. then we drove BACK downtown to return the rental car. but we couldn't find a gas station, so we got BACK on the highway and made it almost to the airport before finding a place. THEN we go BACK downtown to return the car and get a new car (so her name is on it) only to be told that we don't have to actually switch cars, we can just switch contracts. so the gas was for nothing. then we take off and drive all over looking for the stupid panera bread i went to last week. i thought that we must've missed it, so we turned around - we never passed it. we must not have gone far enough.

so we end up eating at an au bon pain which was fine. mom finally dropped me back off at work - 2 hours later. i stayed at work late until 6:15 at which point she picked me up again and we drove around and then went to my favorite mexican place - where they remember me. that was just as good.

now we're back at home and about to watch weeds and smoke some reefer. ha ha. just kidding. maybe.


  1. Hope you ladies are having fun! Did your mom enjoy the Mexican as much as you do?

  2. i get asked what you do as well... i just say i don't know.

  3. yay. Now instead of saying my sister does something with securities, I can say my sister does something with cakes.

  4. yeah um that analogy actually helped me, thank you.

  5. yes - she liked the mexican food just as much AND the pomegranate margarita

  6. don't you think i'd make a great cake person?

  7. I still don't know what you do. I stoopid.