Tuesday, September 1, 2009

happy 30th mom and dad!!!

today is my parent's 30th wedding anniversary - congrats mom and dad!

and to think what i was doing 30 years ago... oh wait... no. that's can't be. :)

i'm actually surprised that its already 30, in fact. i wish i had planned some sort of surprise party (sorry mom and dad, i didnt) like i did for their 25th anniversary. and i digress....

nope. i won't. i'm too tired. i have to go to bed... i'll finish this story later. it's a doozie.


  1. Thanks dear daughter. And thanks for not having another surprise party. One was great. And that's all we need.

    Was there supposed to be something in that box???

  2. YES. i'm annoyed - it was a cute cake of old people. i'll have to find another picture...

  3. thank you danielle, you are a great daughter!1