Tuesday, August 4, 2009

wanted: dead or alive

it is now clear to me that i need a hobby. i have just finished playing a board game. by myself...

i recently bought my favorite board game: the settlers of catan. i convinced my parents to play with me last saturday night and instead didn't go to a movie with my brother and his girlfriend (when have you ever heard of me not going to a movie when given the chance??). and today i discovered a new game on my ipod: mancala. it's a perfect game for just 2 people, and since its usually just my mom and i in board-game-playing-mode, i figured i would get it. so, after dinner tonight, i went to target and bought it (it was less than $10). and i got my dad to play with me, so that was cool. but once he went to bed, and my mom was already long in bed, and my brother sent out this tweet at about 8pm tonight: Goodnight ladies and gentlenean, i was left alone. i watched some food network which was all fine and dandy and then i was bored again. i read everything i could stand to online and decided to play settlers of catan.

the game box says 3-4 players must play at a time. last night, i hung out with my youngest brother who was in town for one night for work and we played settlers just the two of us. it was def not as fun (although still an awesome game!) without an extra person, so tonight i took out 3 sets of pieces and set it up. i even played the real way and rolled to see which player would go first and then gave her the best position first. i played the whole game and didn't cheat once! well, i made my own rules, so i didn't cheat according to those rules. only one rule really benefitted me and it wasn't that huge of a deal. luckily, i won. that would have really sucked if i had not won and i was the only player.

so yeah, boredom. or rather hobbies. i see it this way: there are 24 hours in the day. i sleep about 9 hours. that means 13 hours left to fill. say i spend an hour doing "upkeep" - shower, brushing teeth, getting dressed, getting ready for bed, etc. and i am usually online for at least 2 hours. that leaves 10 hours. today i went on a bike ride for 1.5 hours. and listened to podcasts the whole time. that's multi-tasking, so it's like 3 hours of work in half the time! anyway, say i watch 3 hours of tv. and i spend an hour eating. i've lost count, but i think that's something like 4 or 5 hours of boredom a day. and its not like i'm not bored doing some of the other things, as well. so i clearly need a hobby. i like to read and watch movies and organize things, but right now... i just dont seem to want to do any of that. i think i'm afraid that once i do it, i won't have anything left to do and that will be WORSE.

ok, i'm going to go make a plan for tomorrow because i have NOTHING planned. ugh.

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  1. dude write some mad tasty posts.

    also your first line was hilarious.