Wednesday, August 5, 2009

don't stop 'til you get enough

i'm kind of annoyed at my neighbors right now. the house to the north of us is only like 8 feet away from ours and they ALWAYS KEEP THEIR BLINDS CLOSED. wtf! i wish they would just leave them open once in a while so i could look in. to see whats going on. preferably at night. with the lights on. while mine are not. i am not a stalker, just curious. i like to look into how people decorate their homes. i swear! i know they're up - their lights are on. just crack the blinds a bit, please!

until i have found something to look at, i shall say one word: success! i was able to play a proper game of settler's of catan! wait. proper? i think my game last night was proper, but i mean to say that i played with other, real people! i convinced my brother to stop by after work and while my dad was golfing (sad face), my brother and mother and i played settlers. i totally thought i was going to win at the beginning, but the die just didn't roll my way. homie won, which is ok. i don't have to win, i just like to play. mom and i thought we would thwart his ability to win, but he triumphed. then homie and i played a few games of mancala, which i beat him 4-2. i know you usually play odd numbers of games, but when i had won 3-2 he wanted to play again - i think he thought he would beat me. and he could leave with a tie. and he didn't. he he. so now i just need to figure out when i can play settlers for the next time... hint, hint.

so every now and then i read some fun articles online and i thought to round out today's rambling, i would give a few personal comments on things in the news and social media recently:
1) news just released that texting while driving is more dangerous than talking on the phone. no shit, sherlock. i could've told you that years ago before texting came out. this is interesting because a few weeks ago, i was going through one of my boxes in the basement and i found this spiral-bound book i made in high school of all the speeches i had ever given (in speech, debate, student congress). in 10th grade, my radio commentary speech was titled "cellular phones: a risky habit or a lucky lifesaver?" this would've been in something like 1996 when cell phones were new and novel. here are the first few paragraphs of my speech:
Remember the time you were driving down the freeway and all of a sudden, out of no where, a car is swerving in front of you? You slam on the brakes just as the driver swerves into the ditch. Sound familiar?
Chances are, that swerving driver was on his cell phone. According to a study published last month in the New England Jounral of Medicine, driving while you're on the phone quadruples your odds of getting into a car accident.
The study is quick to point out that driving while yaking to your best friend is as risky as driving with the lowest legal limit of alcohol in your system.
The problem seems obvious. If your cell phone is in use, you are a 4.3% higher risk of becoming the next swerving driver, driver in a ditch, or even casulaty in a fatal accident. When you are talking on the phone with someone, you are not paying very much attention to the road. Your driving becomes haphazard and you put not only yourself but other people in danger....
When I found this, I thought it was funny because cell phones are such a huge use in every day life these days.

2) this article i read about freezing your credit cards has a video about destroying credit cards that was mildly funny, but reminded me more about my brother's video from high school as seen here

3) my birthday-mate, chad, alerted me to this article on the economy in bismarck, nd. its a cute little read and for all my unemployed friends out there - come to north daktoa!

4) and speaking of lack of- or less than average recession, this article shows happiness in states around the country. nodak is one of the highest! what state do you live in? and how happy are people around you?
maybe if my neighbors would leave their blinds open, we could bump the happiness in north dakota even more!

5) and finally, for your enjoyment or more likely bewilderment, watch this video. actually, can you tell me if this is just a weird video or is it hopelessly wrong? (which is what i'm leaning towards - seen on boing boing)


  1. i can't believe no one has commented with a great video like that on here!

  2. dont kid yourself....super stalker!