Sunday, August 2, 2009

peaches and cream

[spoiler alert]

i love it when bizarre things make you remember things from SO LONG ago - things you haven't thought of in YEARS. like, when an old high school friend brings up a name that you haven't thought of in 10 years. or when you smell something and it makes you think of your grandparents house before they moved to fargo. or, as in what happened just now for me, you see a movie online and remember 3rd grade...

just a few minutes ago i was flipping through the channels when i noticed turner and hooch was on tbs. its been years since i've seen the movie so i turned the channel. as soon as i saw it, memories came flooding back. i remember very distinctly being at my friend's house for her birthday. i haven't thought of her in years. she only lived in fargo for one year and we became quick friends. her name was andrea and she had very dark hair and very brown eyes. her younger sister was asthmatic and i remember being enthralled by the sister's inhaler. for her birthday, we rented turner and hooch and i could draw out the layout of her house and where i was sitting when we watched the movie. i had a cabage patch kids sleeping bag and long tshirt to sleep in. everyone loved the movie except me. there are two things that have stayed with me since then:
1) big dogs are gross and slobbery. i have ALWAYS thought hooch was disgusting and
2) you could die from a high heeled shoe. i was 9 years old when i first saw this movie and i have always been secretly afraid of showing up with a hole in my forehead that no one could figure out where it came from and my spirit would be saying, "high heel!" "high heel!"

so i'm watching this movie that i haven't seen in almost 20 years (the dog grossed me out so much i haven't re-watched it since i first saw it) and i have a few thoughts. the first, it seems wrong to see tom hanks in his boxers. of any actor i adore, tom hanks is one who is not a sex symbol for me. put on some clothes! secondly, now that i am watching this in my (gasp!) almost-30s, i am thinking, "no WAY is this appropriate for 9 year olds!" but now that i think about it, i'm sure i didn't know what was going on back then... finally, is there any role in which tom hanks has not yelled? if he were my dad and yelled at me with that almost-high voice, i think i would just laugh.

oh gross. the dog is slobbering. bleh.

so i just looked on facebook for my old friend, andrea. she is not listed. i wonder what happened to her. after the year in fargo, her family moved to rochester, mn and i remember two times, my parents drove me a few hours into minnesota and we would meet her family so that she and i could hang out. i wonder if she came to fargo or i went there or we just stayed in the middle. i don't remember exactly but i do remember once being in a hotel room and it was raining, so we went to the store and got board games to play. i think that was on a trip to see her.

i KNEW it was craig t. nelson! from the first 30 seconds i changed the channel, and i swear that i haven't seen this movie in 20 years. i have some sort of bizarre memory to remember weird movie facts. i didn't even remember that he was in this movie. wow. i am so impressed with myself right now.

ok i think thats enough for now. i'm super tired. peach out. i mean peace out.

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  1. When you say [spoiler alert], you should say what it is you're possibly spoiling. and what did you know was Craig T Nelson?