Monday, August 31, 2009

left in the wrong world part 7

overheard at work:
"i think obama has a larger plan for what he wants."
"hitler had a larger plan, too!"
[everyone explodes in laughter]

i have no words for how wrong this is.

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  1. Actually, Gore Vidal made the same argument back a several years ago about Bush and if you develop the aurgument in the manner that the entire third reich started only because at a certain point the leadership actually had widescale support and was able to push policy through relatively easy even though in hindsight certain of those policies were not supported widely but because of high initial approval were able to get things done they otherwise may not have similat how riding the wave of support post 911 Bush was able to essentially start two wars. Not so say that Bush, Hitler and Obama are remotely comparable but the analogy does have some basis - that said the person saying it was probably batshit crazy.