Monday, August 31, 2009

aug twitter archive

  1. new poll! when was the last time you used a phone booth?
  2. just did @yogamazing for digestion and now tara stiles yoga for bed. then sleep with keith olbermann (in the background, not really, i wish)
  3. another installment of "left in the wrong world"
  4. new segment: left (right) in the wrong (right) world
  5. i almost burnt my apt down last night
  6. just received dexter season 3 in the mail. now i am really happy. just hand over a bottle of wine.
  7. i love the smell of a new yoga mat. especially in child's pose. i could stay there all day.
  8. what i wouldn't give to play challenge of ancient empires again. or maybe where in the world is carmen sandiego...
  9. its officially after midnight - happy birthday @parithed!!
  10. @erdynorth where was your ipod??
  11. quick post: friendly north dakotans & really funny short video about making wine http://wanderlust-ndstyle.b... check it out!!
  12. @erdysouth - i meant you can BORROW it... fotc s2, that is. about to watch now with a bit of bubbly....
  13. just bought flight of the conchords season 2. hell yeah... now i know what i'm doing all weekend. btw @erdysouth you CAN copy
  14. happy birthday @delicateleah!! remember that time...
  15. excellent blog about life in columbus ohio. please comment
  16. guys here at work talking about favre and just wanting to skip training camp. say he's going to throw the ball around and then fall apart...
  17. Just landed in chicago. On way to columbus. Wish had said goodbye to @erdysouth before i left. Am really really tired.
  18. Woo hoo!! Five dollar movie. At the ugly truth. Will blog about it later. Or something.
  19. 9pm at the main avenue bridge between fargo and moorhead: candlelight vigil for peaceful resolution of health care. Be there or be square.
  20. congrats to @parithed who shot a 70 today at edgewood and @erdynorth stopped by - what a great day!
  21. last week in fargo. sad...are you cool enough to hang out with me?
  22. its 8:39pm central time. has NO ONE twittered all day?? i haven't gotten a twitter in 7 hours. something is off. i don't like this.
  23. ok i'm bored. give me something to do. i dare you...
  24. OPP yeah you know me
  25. check it out! w/ @erdysouth @charpie @bklavs video and thanks to @cbruels for nodak article! http://wanderlust-ndstyle.b...
  26. totally kicked @erdysouth's ass in mancala tonight. who's on for settler's of catan at some point??
  27. i am soooo bored.
  28. OH. MY GOD. megan wants a millionaire is my new favorite show. it's so horrible, it's good. agreed entourage bit the dust tonight.
  29. just hung out with @erdynorth and let him beat me in settlers of catan. next up: @erdysouth and @charpie tomorrow night!

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