Wednesday, July 1, 2009

would i lie to you?

this evening i ate enough protein to last me a week. and not the good kind of protein. i went for a bike ride and i don't know why, but for some reason, bugs were in full force EVERYWHERE in town. it was crazy. i couldn't smile otherwise i'd have a mouth full of flying things. ugh. this is why i like living on busy streets in big cities. reduces the bug factor.

oooo... this is not good. i'm watching charlie's angels which is exciting - i love this show. its unfortunate that its back on tv because farrah fawcett died (rip), but it brings back memories. in high school, my friends and i were in speech and debate and we would take pictures at all of the tournaments in charlies angels poses. those are some of my favorite pictures. i even had a big poster of the three original angels in my bedroom. i think that poster is still around here somewhere... my senior year of high school, charlies angels was on tv at 5am every day. i would get home from school and all of my activities and my job (i worked at a law firm) and instead of doing homework, i would go to bed (by 8 or 9) and get up every day at 3 or 4 in the morning to finish my homework. then i would watch charlies angels. it was great being the only person awake. i loved it. to this day, my favorite part of the day is the morning when no one is around. when i lived in paris, i would get up early on saturdays and sundays and walk along the streets - no one was ever around. it was my favorite part of living there. anyway, what is not good about charlies angels? they just came back from a commercial break and had a close up of a females behind and a bad case of vpl. i'm so discouraged by the quality of this! if i had a war to wage, it would be against vpl. it's just unnecessary and bad form.

so its fun that charlies angels is on tv - i recorded all the episodes and am slowly rewatching them at night. i wonder why they keep saying farrah is "americas original angel." from what i know, there were 3 at the beginning. and i like farrah a lot, but i actually like cheryl ladd as an angel more. but my favorite angel is jaclyn smith with cheryl as a close second. who's your favorite?

today was a bit difficult for me - at least, at work. everything was going fine, and all of a sudden there was a flutter at the injection site. i told one of the phlebotomists and she explained that the machine was trying to take my blood faster than my body wanted to give it. and since there was pressure on the vein, the vein was collapsing. ?!$#@!! a collapsed vein does NOT sound good. so they slowed the machine down, and then this other woman came over and was like, "i have a trick to get it to work better without slowing the machine down." what was her trick? jiggling the tubes. i kid you not. so she makes the machine go faster and sure as shit (is that an expression?), after a bit, the fluttering came back and a lot of pressure in the middle of my arm. they didn't seem too worried and i finally finished, but only after a bit of information gathering on my part. two of the women were talking to each other last week about how one day they had no "no goes" so they all got cash bonuses. i was evesdropping and so i asked what a "no go" was and they said it was when they dont have 100 mL, they cant accept the donation. i wonder how i feel about that... it seems they may put people through pain just to get a bit of a donation. in any case, i was able to finish and went on my merry way.

in other exciting news! i LOVE the north dakota voting system. nd is the only state in which the residents don't have to register to vote. so today was a special election and since i still haven't gotten a north dakota license (i'm still on my california ID - i've lived in massachusetts for something like 6 or 7 years and never had a Mass ID) i thought that i wouldn't be able to vote. i brought my passport and proof of my address and went with my mom to the polling place. we walked in and i asked if i could vote even without an ND ID and she asked if i had lived here for 30 days. i said yes and she said no problem. i went up to the next table and gave my passport. she found me in the system from when i voted right when i turned 18 and gave me the ballot. it had one thing on it - a vote to increase sales tax to raise money for flood protection. i was gonna take a picture of the ballot, but they wouldn’t let me, so here it is from the website:
isn’t it so cute?? so yes, i voted to increase sales tax. it passed easily - i think something like 90% voted in favor of it. now the big decision is what kind of flood protection - a big dike or a diversion or something else? i’m for a diversion. i’ll explain why at some other point. so that was my fun day. did you go out and vote?


  1. I didn't vote. But if I had, I wouldn't have voted the same.

  2. Oops. I mean I WOULD have. Don't know why I put that.

  3. yeah there are crazy bugs around here too, when i was running around the resovoir ... yeah that's not how you spell that .... i had to choose between breathing/having eyes open while swallowing loads of bugs or running with eyes and mouth shut next to a body of water...... awkward.