Tuesday, June 30, 2009

jun twitter archive

  1. grease and borat are both on tonight. which should i watch? gonna go with erdmann family favorite... alone in a hotel room in walhalla...
  2. RIP Michael Jackson. Sorry you ended up being so weird but when you were great, you were the greatest.
  3. jump in de line rock your body in time ok i believe you http://bit.ly/IyXdJ
  4. happy birthday @bobbann23!!! 23 on the 23rd! oh wait. you're not 23....
  5. here is my one entry #squarespace
  6. just in case it didn't count before #squarespace
  7. is today a new day for #squarespace? when does it restart? what timezone. so confusing.
  8. going to rent a movie from blockbuster (sorry netflix!) and get a milkshake from dairy queen. ahhh sunday nights in the midwest...
  9. happy fathers day, dad @parithed. golf well!
  10. why is it always that when no one is here i find a mf HUGE bug? it was like the size of a silver dollar. its ok, though. i VACUUMED it.
  11. He he. ... Wish you were here!
  12. I'm having a mimosa with mom for 1.95. That's right! Less than two dollars for bubbly goodness. Mmmmm. I love fargo prices.
  13. it's too hot to do anything. it's gonna get over 80 today. bleh #squarespace
  14. ummm... something cool. #squarespace
  15. found my phone! someone (maybe @alanmatson?) put it in the car on the passenger seat. bravo. well done.
  16. I've lost my phone. Seriously. WTF. #squarespace
  17. Happy birthday @trmenier!!! (really hope that's your handle you haven't twittered in a long time!)
  18. Cousin sara just said "you know who i love? Adam. What is that bitch doing?" @hassie
  19. At fast and the furious with cousin sara. We brought go our own vodka to mix with our pepsi. Vin is so hot.
  20. At the ho do with @parithed. Drinking pink lemonmade martinis and eatin fries. Mmmmm'..
  21. Happy birthday @rwhigginson!
  22. @erdysouth - if you tivo or dvr a show it is NOT counted in nielsen ratings. what are you recording?
  23. thanks @erdysouth for helping me pick out a new router and set it up. if this doesn't work, its official: i hate my mac
  24. back to the blog! check this out for awesome 80s movie montage. http://bit.ly/Q3f2r
  25. helping lady of the house paint her bedroom-was not meant for manual work. anyhow, can anyone suggest some podcasts for me to subscribe to?
  26. making homemade bbq chicken pizza which will NOT fall on the floor tonight and drinking martini blanco on the rocks. mmmmm...
  27. Tip of the day: do not go for a power walk after three glasses of wine and then do not bring two five sound weights.

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