Tuesday, June 30, 2009

it's always sunny in...

as my friend kevin said today, "you've become a geriatric nurse." yes, it appears i have. don't tell the ANA that i am practicing without a license. and because of that, today ended up being a completely different day than anticipated when i woke up. i jumped to action once i realized i was called on to do all sorts of things.
1) print medication list
2) make grocery list for gma
3) go get car
4) drop shower curtains off at the alterers to be hemmed
5) speed across the city to pick up grandma
6) go through grandma's fridge to check off necessary items on list
7) take grandma to dentist
8) make appoitment for self at dentist
9) take gma to lunch at culvers (which, btw, is like a mcdonalds or hardees, NOT like a village inn that i thought. gma had onion rings and a caramel milkshake which she couldn't remember the name of "those things i like." luckily i am fluent in dimentia-speak.)
10) zip through grocery store picking up groceries
11) drop gma off and unpack groceries
12) speed even faster through town to get home
13) make dinner and organize the picking up of little brother
14) eat with family
15) kick brothers' asses in whist
16) attempt to open a post office box in san fran. anyone know if i have to go to THAT post office in person to open it?? this might kill the whole idea...
17) bike ride while brother jogged next to me
18) awe at river
19) movie: the taking of pelham 123 (meant to go to transformers, but we ended up going to the wrong movie theater). whew. what a day.

so yes, a part of the day was spent with gma. her dentures began hurting her last week so we made an appointment with dr. jay to have them looked at. i took her to the family dentist, which my family has been seeing for 20 years. my gma goes there and so does my aunt and her family. dentures scare me. i'm afraid of just having GUMS in my mouth. and no teeth. its kind of freaky. and i dont understand how a sore can just DEVELOP all of a sudden after wearing dentures for 40 years. does this mean gums continue to grow? what if your gums overgrew? eek. i have to stop this train of thought. but dental health is very important. everyone should go to the dentist at least twice a year. i love the dentist. if i had dental insurance, i would go more often. ahh, the perils of being unemployed.

im thinking of coming up with a new word for it. unemployed sounds... something. ahhh the perils of being ... differntly occupied? assiduous? laborious? sabbaticalized? i'll work on that.

anyway, grandma had a lot on her mind today. so much so, she forgot to have me fix her phone when i was there. apparently she pulled out the cord or something and it wasn't working. she did remember the more important broken item, the tv. after being told, "only your mother knows how to fix that" i disproved her theory and fixed it. i think she presses too many buttons on her remote and gets the inputs to change. then she can't change it back, so she thinks her tv is broken. that was about noon today. then after dinner around 7, she calls the house to ask my mom to stop by tomorrow to fix her phone and tv. the phone has been broken for a few days, the tv a few hours. luckily, my super-smart brother, homie, pointed out that he was going in that general direction to visit a friend and offered to stop by and help fix things. that was really helpful for us. homie called from the lobby to get buzzed in and had to explain how the buzzing process works. meanwhile, at the homestead, mom and i found a basic remote online that we ordered for her. hopefully this will help her desire to push unneccessary [tv] buttons. don't get me started on other types of buttons. :)

i got to spend some quality time with player. we went for a jog/bike ride and then to see pelham 123. we tried to see the transformers, but i looked at the time of one theater and we ended up going to the other theater in town. good flick, i say. enjoyable action. player is in town for work and so i dropped him off at his hotel room and then came home. now i shall hit the sack...


  1. I believe you are vacantly occupied, originally coined by our favorite entertainer, Mr. Jim Buffett.

  2. LOL.....you can add that to your resume! Fluent in dementia-speak!

  3. subject: you should watch it's always sunny in philadelphia. it will make you feel like a good person just for not being an ass