Tuesday, July 7, 2009

can't think of a cool title

whew what a day. apologies for being absent: i've been rather busy getting ready for tonight. my parents are at the airport right now picking up my seldom-seen aunt and uncle from syracuse, new york. this weekend is the all school high school reunion for minot bishop ryan, the catholic school in my hometown of north dakota. so my dad's brother and his wife, both minot ryan alums, are flying in tonight to drive with my parents to the reunion. what does this mean? yes, i get to see family i rarely see, which is a treat itself, but also... home alone! so exciting. i love it. win-win situation.

so, we've spent the past few days spring cleaning, painting, organizing, etc. well, there's that and my little brother, player, was in town this past weekend for the 4th of july. we hung out a bit - went to a few movies and whatnot. time flies when you're having fun.

what else? oh yes! i won an iphone. isn't that fun?? squarespace was giving away one iphone a day for 30 days and i was a lucky winner! that was last thursday and that was super fun. here is the proof. my brother, homie, didn't believe me, but it's true! after i found out that i won, i sent a tweet saying, "holy crap! i won an iphone gc. thanks #squarespace - you're awesome!! (eat that @erdysouth and @erdynorth) :)" and apparently there are some twitter accounts that just automatically retweet things or something...? anyway, so my brother @erdysouth checks his tweets and sees these other two tweets from people he doesn't know who wrote the exact same thing as me. he saw theirs first and then mine, so when he saw mine, he thought some hacker had gotten into my account and taken over. he called to tell me what an idiot i was. and i was like, "no! i really won!" both my brothers were uber jealous. whenever squarespace sends me the stuff, i'll give you the skinny on what they do.

well, i see the 'rents and family just arrived so i should go... more updates to follow...


  1. I've never heard of that song before. "Can't think of a cool title." Who sings that?