Tuesday, June 23, 2009

lighten up!

i can't sleep. and i don't understand why. it's 7:20am and already i've taken my mom to work and cleaned my bedroom. usually i'm asleep until at least 9:30. maybe it has to do with sleeping until 12:45 yesterday. but i went on two bike rides for a total of nearly 3 hours, so i would think that would tire me out. bleh.

in any case, it's a birthday today!
happy birthday, b! (the picture is from cake wrecks, which is a great blog you should check out)

it's not too horrible not sleeping - i didn't realize that there are hours of saved by the bell on tnt at this hour. it's funny to watch something i used to love long ago. who's ready for the sbtb reunion on jimmy fallon? i can't wait. i bet it'll be great. can't wait to see what a train wreck screech is. right now all the episodes are from the summer when they work at the beach. these are sans-tori, so they're not bad.

i started working again last week and i think i'll go in today. after that, i need to organize my two bedrooms upstairs and then make invitations for my cousin's bridal shower which is a month away. i should really apply for more jobs, but its such a big process, its easy to feel overwhelmed. i applied for my first job last week - woo hoo! and to celebrate, i went to get sushi for myself. initially, i called bubby to approve my sushi dinner. he poo-pooed it and said i needed to apply for another job before i deserved sushi. i was really upset. bubby is my justifier and he wasn't doing it! any time i need to decide to get something or not, i call him and we talk it out. he made me feel guilty for only applying to one job, but i finally got him to see my way, albeit he wasn't 100% convinced. i got there, to the irish bar that makes the best sushi in town, and the waitress said it would take 45minutes to an hour. i had nothing to do, so i decided to wait. i sat at the bar and listened to some podcasts on my ipod. after over an hour, i was looking around to find a waitress so see how long it would be when an older guy sat down next to me. he had a really red face, so i assumed he was drunk and didn't really pay attention to me. he just sat there staring at me and finally i said, "did you want to talk to me?" he did, so i took my headphones out. he explained that he was the owner and something about some guy quitting (i think the japanese guy - he wasn't there and i've never been there when he wasn't) and so they're still trying to work out the kinks. apparently they ran out of rice and it takes 45 minutes to cook new rice. he apologized and asked if, instead of waiting another hour, i wouldn't mind taking a $25 gift certificate. i was like, "score! free sushi!" and said calmly, "i think that would be a fair trade." and then i thought, "now i really will apply for another job before i get my sushi!" of course, that didn't end up happening - i didn't get a chance to find another job to apply to last week. but i did get sushi on friday night. it was delicious. and i don't feel one bit bad about free sushi. mmmmm... i have leftover edamame. how long does that last in the fridge, do you think?


  1. thanks for the b-day shout out!!
    just had some bubbly and I hope more is to come :-)

    PS you need to apply for another job before I can justify anything for you again....I am going be more practical with you moving forward!

  2. edamame is the equivalent to my eat your mommy... and i don't like and don't recommend it jon... nor do i recommend sushi for that matter

  3. subject: you should all check out morcheeba. you will like