Sunday, June 14, 2009

a midsummer night's dream

1) happy birthday, higgi in the morning!! (a) yes, i know you spell it higgy, i dont care, it's higgI to me and b) i think that since this will be posted sunday morning, people should note that your bday is actually, saturday, june 13 - this means our anniversary is the 21st, of course)

2) for everyone else - how was/is YOUR evening?
a) fun
b) unexpected
c) slightly bizarre
d) all of the above

for me - it was d. all of the above.

i spent the day on the move: groceries for gma, lunch on the go, gma's house, bed bath and beyond, hobby lobby, etc. grandma was talkative today. in fact, i dare say she did not stop talking for more than 47 seconds after any other person closed her mouth. and i am not feeling well, so i was very tired and exhausted all day. i could hardly keep up with grandma. any time she said something, i had to ask her to repeat herself because 1) i was not prepared for her to speak - i need to mentally get ready to hear sometimes and 2) i can't believe some of the things she was saying. i would try to speak and she wouldn't hear me or believe me, so she didn't hear me. so for those instances where she was speaking first, unfortunately, due to her memory loss, half the time, she couldn't repeat what she was saying to me. so it was a day full of two one-sided conversations. if i said something, she might ask me what i said but not wait for me to respond. it was a vicious cycle. and my poor mom spent the day picking up after her. so there is mom cleaning and me and grandma speaking TO each other. not necessarily WITH each other.

after a few hours, we moved on and went shopping. and i LOVE love LOVE household shopping. we found some great curtains. nice. i love matching things. and yet, it made me tired. so tired, i asked mom to drive home. normally, when we go out, i drive because i'm a bit of a control freak when it comes to things like that. i'm all about speed and efficiency. i said to my mom, "you can drive, but please, please, try to drive near the speed limit." normally she drives something like 10 miles under the speed limit. this is fine on the highway when you're trying to save gas (read: not really), but rather annoying when the speed limit is 25 in downtown fargo and therefore the car is going 15 mph. its hard to understand the need for un-speed.

in any case, i dont know how long it took us to get home because i slept most of the way. maybe i need to eat more meat and get more protein and therefore more energy.

after getting home, i had to get ready to go out. my dad is very social and always wants to go out to bars and out to eat. but we have different type of bars where we like to go, so i never really go out with him. he invited me out specifically to the "ho do" which is a bar i like to go to. so we headed out and had drinks and some appetizers. it was fun. then we went to fort knox down the street where we could sit outside. after a bit, cousin sara came to pick me up and we went to a movie at the cheap theater ($3 on the weekend). we saw fast and the furious or is THE fast and the furious? i think that's how they distinguished the two. i love vin diesel and my cousin loves paul walker, so it was win-win. and not bad, actually. lots of high action and hot guys. can't go wrong. we brought along some of our own drinks in a traveling flask and decided to get a drink after the movie. we went to a bar right next to the movie theater called o'learys or something like that. it was a young crowd and i told my cousin, "if i say 'spaghetti' it means i have seen someone from high school and want to leave." for some reason i have this real aversion to seeing my high school classmates when i'm not mentally prepared for it (which is never). she thought it was funny because her roommate, who is also from fargo (but the south side, i'm from the north) never wants to see people she knows from high school either. my cousin said "it must be a fargo thing."

i can't remember why, but my cousin decided she wanted to go downtown. so we headed back to fargo. oh right. she had two free beers at the bismarck. i've never actually been to the bismarck, a sort-of dive bar in downtown fargo. jonny lang used to play there 15 years ago. we have our beer and headed to a more upscale bar. but first, my cousin wanted to go to this one bar - i forget the name - to see a boy. so we head in and are literally walking out the back door when some guy grabs my arm. "hey! what's your name?" i instantly recognized his face as someone i went to high school with. "danielle" i replied. then he wanted to know my last name so i told him. "i thought so," he said. "we went to high school together." i asked him his first name which allowed me to pick out his last name. "krueger?" "yeah. see you in a month!" he replied. "oh, i'm not going." "i can't blame you." and with that he walked off. at least it was brief. not horribly painful, but very very bizarre.

after that, we tried to go back to the ho do, but for some reason their doors were locked. i hate doing that - tugging on all doors while people inside watch you and see you have to walk off, dejected. we weren't exactly ready to be done for the night, so we went to the grocery store and got some ice cream. then we drove around north fargo and looked at big houses and tried to find this house of a boy my cousin likes. we found it, it's only a few blocks from my place. so then she dropped me off and now i'm ready to hit the sack....


  1. Hooray! I finally read the blog about our super fun night. I think I'm all caught up now.

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