Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"i myself AM strange and unusual"

i love it when i find out i'm smarter than i thought i was. yesterday, i was watching beetlejuice, a movie i loved growing up but haven't seen in 15+ years (it came out 21 years ago in 1988), and as the movie started, i thought to myself, "wow, this looks an awful lot like a tim burton movie." and i completely wrote off the thought - i figured it was his style but really didn't think he had made it. then as the credits role, i discover he DID make it. i guess i assumed tim burton's work started with big fish or something. within the past ten years (when big fish was made) is probably the only time when i started paying attention to directors. love it! (that i figured out it was a tim burton movie without knowing) after i discovered beetlejuice was by tim burton, and i saw winona ryder in her goth-glory in beetlejuice, i thought, "i bet edward scissorhands is, too." and of course it is! bravo to me.

[to preemptively explain the subject line, i provide the following]

i've woken up this morning with new resolve: i MUST find a job. and soon. partially because i find myself wasting the day doing nothing, partly because i would like to make some money again, and mostly because my mom told me last night, "hey stupid girl, get a job because i took the first week off of september since you told me that's when you were moving to chicago." i had forgotten about that. now i feel a bit of a time constraint, and that's good. i need pressure to do things and to do them well. so, for anyone out there, do not let me not apply for jobs. turn the pressure on - full throttle! i hope to make some progress on the job front today. i talked to my friend from high school last night and she said i could use her address, so i am going to do that. i also found this interesting article about finding what one wants to do vs. what one can do vs. what one can be paid to do. check it out here and then follow the link for the original post if you want - it caught my attention because its a venn diagram, which i love.

so that's the new plan: find a job. and be more healthy. i've been reading a lot of articles and listening to podcasts and once i read this article, i realized - she's right! it IS cool to be healthy again. like, thats the hip thing these days. organic, recycling, exercising, slow food, less consumption. these are all themes of the day. it's kind of partly the 80s all over again (from a health standpoint - NOT the consumptionism). i feel like in the 90s people were grungy and wore baggy clothes and ate crappy doritos and didn't really care about their impact on the environment. and now, today, it's the COOL thing to do that. wish i could get my family involved. i heard yesterday that something like 80% of all plastic water bottles are thrown out each year and that in total, americans put 800 BILLION plastic water bottles into landfills. that's just horrible people. THINK about it. it makes me feel ill so i'm going to stop thinking about it. but people, seriously. recycle. please. does anyone worry about what happens when the landfills are full? i do.

and finally, on to happier subjects - or at least more humorous ones. i read this other article (last article link of the day, i promise, i think) about celebrities getting a second chance and it made me laugh. in case you didn't know, i really really dislike tom cruise and scientology. i quit watching my name is earl because i found out that the lead guy - jason whats-his-name - is a scientologist. i didn't actually love the show, either, but just seemed to end up watching it every now and then. i dont have the time nor care enough to go and ban all scientologists, but i'm particularly against tom cruise. mostly because i think he's crazy and he just has good PR people who hide it. and he doesn't use his fame for good. scientology is BAD. i'm all for freedom of religion, but its NOT a religion. it's a CULT. and i warn you all to stay away from it. ironically, when i lived in california, i lived 2 blocks away from the scientology "building" (what is it? a church? a temple? a cult house?). i always wanted to throw eggs at it, which is the same feeling when i walk downtown in fargo past the super right-wing radio station, but i didnt (and i won't) because above all else, i am a passificst. and throwing eggs would draw attention to them and i wouldn't want that. for some reason, this reminds me of my other goal today: write united a letter about my missing luggage from my trip last month. i should for sure get that done. today. ok, off to be productive.


  1. you should get a job in the securities lending industry

  2. what a novel idea! i shall look into that...

  3. i might know a company that is for sale...

  4. how much? i've got $198.10. it's only $150?? SOLD!

  5. wait. what kind of company is it? i should know what i'm getting myself into...

  6. subject: as stated in the post, this is from beetlejuice