Thursday, June 25, 2009

dream a little dream of me

ugh. rush rush rush is all i’ve done today. my mom woke me out of a deep slumber at 9:50 to take her to work. i couldn’t believe i had slept so long. i was in the middle of a dream with the guy from samantha who and men in trees. his wife had died and he still had her wedding ring in his pocket. it turns out his best friend had been having an affair with her before she died, so the best friend was upset, too, but he couldn’t tell his friend, this actor guy, why (i think he wasn’t an actor in my dream). then there was something about an aquarium and we were on a boat or in a tunnel or something looking at fish. and the guy was upset so i kept having to give him hugs. which is funny. i’m not really a huggy person.

so i hopped out of bed and drove mom to work. then i had to get ready because i had to work at 10:45. i had some fish and an orange for breakfast and tried to drink a lot of fluids. i got to work 3 minutes late, but you get a 10 min grace period so it was ok. i was sitting there with the needle in my arm and the machine kept stopping even though i was squeezing the ball. i thought for sure this was going to be another one of those times where i got a hematoma. the girl had to call a supervisor over and they kept adjusting the vein. it never did feel 100% comfortable, but maybe it was because i knew something might be wrong. they also turned down the speed of the machine, which meant i would have to be there longer than usual. so i finally finished and so far, no bruise, which is a good sign i guess. i was trying to think of something healthy to eat for lunch and i saw a qdoba on the way home. it never really hit me that they had one here. so i stopped, but of course no drive thru, so that took long, too. is it just me or is qdoba perceived to be healthier than taco bell? anyway, i rushed home and ate my lunch. then i left to pick up my grandma for her hair appointment. i called her on the way and she asked me to pick her up a strawberry milkshake because she hadn’t eaten. so i stopped to do that and then it turns out that the two streets i need to take to get to her place are closed for construction. which means i have to go WAY out of my way to get to her house. i called her and asked her to come downstairs and meet me. then i called the salon and told them we would be a little late. she was sitting outside when i pulled up. we got on the road and luckily i’m smart and took the highway to the mall. it cut our time in half and we ended up being only 10 min late for her appointment. i’m AMAZED at how fast we were. we would’ve been slightly faster except that i couldn’t find a parking spot close enough. my grandma has had her left hip replaced twice, and its always sore. so i tried to park close so she didn’t have to walk far. once we get out of the car, she shows me that she brought her handicap parking sticker. of course she tells me AFTER we’ve parked. so now i’m sitting in the salon, breathing for the first time today. i hope she takes a long time with the haircut.

tonight my little brother, player, is in town. i think i’ll take him and homie and homie’s girlfriend out to eat. i’ll invite my parents, as well. then us youngin’s are gonna go see the hangover, i think. i really want to see it and i’ve been putting it off because the local movie theater sends out a weekly email with coupons to see movies for only $5. homie and i have been waiting for the hangover to be the weekly movie. it hasn’t been yet. i’m not sure i can wait much longer.

it looks like i won’t get a chance to ride my bike for a while, which is fine because my bum is a bit sore. tomorrow i am taking my grandma to walhalla, which is where she and my mom are from. my gma’s friends since like 5th grade are in town and she wants to see them. we’re staying at the walhalla inn which i think is the only hotel/motel in walhalla. i’m actually looking forward to going because i’d like to see my grandfather’s gravestone. it’ll probably be the last time i ever head up there. unless there is a funeral. hmmm... morbid thought. new subject.

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