Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the tell-tale heart

well good morning. for once in a long time, i am going to attempt to write this whole rambling in one sitting and actually post it right away.

it's wednesday morning and a rainy one at that. doesn't really make me want to do anything. i should run errands and get ready for the day - thanks to the new blinds in my room i slept until 10am this morning. woops. i'm going to finish watching driving miss daisy on a&e. its such a cute movie! i completely forgot. morgan freeman is soo charming and simple, my heart goes out to him. ignorance is bliss, i've always said that. and i think the movie is such a great example of how meeting people can change you. i rarely realize that these days.

so yes, the next few days will be busy. today is wednesday. still. and on friday i am going to bismarck with my mom to help my little brother move into a new house for the summer. or rather, a house. not new. new for him. he's lived in the dorm this past year since it's free for him. now he's moving into a house in town with some friends. i think it will be good for him. there are some people who shouldn't be alone too much and i think both my brothers are like that - they are much more social than i. it's easy for me to live in a town where the only people who are my friends are my parents, brothers, and one cousin i never see... or i guess all my cousins in town i never see. ha!

back to the plan. my mom and i come back on saturday from bismarck and we have to rush to get ready for my cousin's bachelorette party. we'll go out sat night with them and then on sunday i leave for my big may trip! so that means that before friday, i have to pack for a month's vacation, shop for last minute things for my trip, get my haircut, a wax, visit my grandma and great aunt, help with my bedroom (which my mom spackled yesterday and will start priming and painting soon), get gifts for my friends in europe, etc... i'd make a list right now but i am eating a hamburger. that's right, folks. a hamburger. i have finished my 14-year long vegetarianism thingie. i'll go into it some other time, but boy this hamburger sure tastes good! and makes a FABULOUS breakfast.

so anyway, lots to do in a few days. once i start my trip, here is how it will go. i'll be staying with my cousin in minneapolis for a few days until next wed when i have a red eye flight to paris. in paris, my friends fiance, meat, will meet me at the airport to give me keys to their apartment. i will take the air france cars to porte maillot and walk to their apartment where i plan to shower and relax and then go out in paris. i will spend one night with them in gay par-eee and then friday morning the three of us will drive down to the south of france, carcassone, for a nice sejour in a big house with 17 other people. the following wed i will take the train up to paris and stay in my friend's place alone again. on thur morning i will take the reverse trip - air france car to the airport - and get on a looong flight to vegas. i have two stopovers - chicago and minneapolis. then i spend thur night to sun night in vegas with my "boston" friends. sun night, elaine and i take the red eye to cancun (fingers crossed!) and stay there, hopefully disease free, until saturday when we fly to new york (good to keep the contagions in one place). we'll spend a night in new york before elaine flies back to london and i take a bus to new york. i have yet to book my ticket back to fargo, so... as my friend ryan said yesterday, "so, you're just living in boston again, right?" i guess so. :) one week, two? who knows? it will be interesting being back in boston. i read an article about edgar allan poe having a love hate relationship with boston, and i completely understand! i love my friends there, but hate the elitist attitude many have.

so that's the plan, stan. i have to go do something for the day since i finished my breakfast.


  1. You'll take a bus from New York to New York?? What is that?? Long island to Harlem?? Bronx to Manhattan?? hahahahahaha

  2. you might as well not switch back to being a vegetarian... just what i think

  3. i MEANT bus from ny to BOSTON. why do my directions suck these days??

  4. subject: a short-story by edgar allan poe first written in 1843. that's a long time ago