Tuesday, April 28, 2009

animal farm

monday monday. dah dah....

i dont really have much to say today... weekend was fine. nothing big. today my mom and i washed the walls in my bedroom after taking out the wallpaper. my parents are going to paint the room while i’m away - i leave in less than a week. i talked to elaine in london and we figured out our travel plans so now i have a train from carcassone in the south of france back up to paris. in the end, it will be a lot less stressful, so i guess that is good.

i’m also trying to think of the perfect gift for my friend lisa. it’s her 30th birthday that we’re celebrating in france. i’m going to bring some north dakota goodies, and other than that... quoi? je n’ai aucune idee...

oh! 2 things...

1) tonight was the season finale of chuck - AWESOME. you should check it out here. i couldn’t watch it live (we watch dancing with the stars), but it was great and i will def be checking it out again tomorrow. the end of chuck (for this season, that is, knock on wood) will be a lot less stressful on the family. see, monday nights are big tv nights here. we have 2 dvr’s set up to record 4 different shows at 7pm, which means that my dad is forced to watch the twins in his bedroom, which does not have a dvr. i dont think he fully realized that EVERY monday we have the same problem. he can’t wait tv in the living room. but now that should be over...

2) so now there is this whole swine flu thing. great. fabulous! lovely!! have you been following this? apparently it's a big deal. i’m meant to go to mexico on may 18th - cancun, specifically. so far, all the swine flu cases have been in mexico city and to the north, but on the other hand... it would REALLY suck to get swine flu and bring it back to the US. i’d feel bad if i gave it to others. for now, elaine and i have a plan:
  • don’t venture off the resort
  • don’t “snog” any mexicans
  • wear face masks on the plane
that should protect us, right? what do you think? should we cancel the trip? i’d be out over $1,000 AND technically elaine and i don’t have anywhere to go... on the other hand, who gets swine flu? i don't eat pig. it's like sars. no one really thinks they're going to get sars. but some people do, right? i have no idea what to think. i'm a tauraus. i'm indecisive.


  1. I heard on the show Scrubs that the only way to acquire a flu with an animal is to fornicate with the animal. Don't tell me Dr. Cox was wrong!

  2. ?? suck what up? apparently now they might cancel flights to mexico... guess that will make the decision for me.

  3. I'd love to leave a comment, but Morneau is up with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth with the score tied. See ya.

  4. subject: "dystopian novel by george orwell"