Saturday, April 25, 2009

sleepless in seattle

i fear it is the end of my weekly bonding sessions with my little brother, homie. for most fridays the past few months, we have gone to o’kellys here in fargo, a fine “irish” establishment that is not really irish at all. we did not go yesterday because he had to go to his girlfriend’s sister’s prom. i think he was just there to watch the grand march - when all the couples come in (so family members can see the dresses) - but maybe he actually WENT to the prom. i guess i didn’t ask. that would be embarrassing to be a 25-year old at a prom. in any case, this is my last friday in fargo for quite some time...

thinking back to all our fun times at o’kellys, i found a rambling i never posted. i wrote it after i got home one night and figured i would paste it in here to be remembered...
ok, i'm pretty sure i'm like the best big sister ever. rationale:
1) bought brothers dinner and drinks
2) invited parents out to meet us
3) made sure brother did not drive home
4) dropped off other brother to meet cute girl at bar
5) got comfy at home and then left comfortness to take first brother to girlfriends house
6) stopped with brother at club to get keys to girlfriend's place from drunk sister
7) dropped brother off on other side of town
8) helped second brother carry luggage in to house
9) returned to coolness in recliner and pjs
today has been uneventful. oh wait! i talked on the phone for almost two and a half hours with my friend lisa, in france. we are preparing for my trip over there in less than 2 weeks. while speaking with her, i discovered that i don’t actually have one of my plane tickets that i am supposed to have. i’ve kind of screwed myself and have to fix it. i should’ve done that today, but i am waiting to get in touch with my friend, elaine, in london, so we can discuss. let me explain: i am flying into paris on may 6 or something like that - thur morning. i used miles to get a roundtrip ticket from minneapolis to paris. so i leave from msp and arrive in paris on thur morning. i’ll spend the day at my friend’s house (lisa and meat) and then fri morning the three of us are going to drive down to the south of france, carcassone, to a house in the hills that lisa has rented for her 30th birthday. over the next few days, there will be about 20 people at the house, most arriving on sat or sun. one of the people arriving on saturday is my friend, elaine. on wed, may 13, elaine and i are supposed to go to marseille for the day and stay the night so that we can get up bright and early on the 14th to catch our respective flights to las vegas. since i had a flight from paris to minneapolis, i had to buy a separate flight to las vegas, which i did this past week. in addition, i *thought* i bought a ticket from marseille to paris. my flight in paris is from charles de gaulle airport (north of the city) and my flight TO paris is into orly (south of the city). i had to get an early flight so that i can get to cdg in time. on the phone with lisa today, she told me that i should plan to get to paris orly at least 4 hours before my flight back to the US because of traffic. this worried me, so i looked to see what time i landed in paris and what time i was leaving paris. turns out, i don’t have a flight TO paris. and i am leaving paris earlier than i thought (11:15am, instead of after noon sometime). so i look online and the only flight that will get me in to paris on time for my 11:15 flight is $500. !!! not cool. so lisa suggests that i take the train back to paris the day before and stay at her apartment instead of staying the night in marseille. so i think that is the new plan, BUT i already booked a hotel in marseille for me and elaine and i’d hate to leave her there all alone. so... this trip is becoming a logistical nightmare. i’m just sure i’ll miss at least a few flights and everything will get discombobulated.

the rest of my day was uninteresting. i watched a movie and made my favorite - fajitas. mmmm... i had the house to myself because my dad was golfing and my mom and aunt took my grandma and great aunt to the casino for the day. when my mom got home, we played battleship. it was kind of fun and old school. i won, of course. :) now we are watching an affair to remember, which my mom has never seen. great movie. which of course makes us think of sleepless in seattle, also a great movie, but in a different way. whenever i think of sleepless in seattle, i think of two things: 1) my cousin, amy, was staying with us for a month one summer and so she and my mom and i went to see sleepless in seattle ('94 i think). they called someone a "ho" and both my mom and i said, "what's a ho?" my 17 year old cousin from new york had to tell us that it was a slut. i'll always remember that's the first time i heard that word. also, in the movie, there is a scene where someone from duluth calls in to the radio show (or something like that) and bill pullman asks, "where is duluth, anyway?" and meg ryan answers "i think it's in north dakota." of course, the whole theater busted out laughing because we all know that duluth is a few hours away in minnesota. i wonder if i have that movie. i should buy it...


  1. so that's what a ho is. I thought it was a garden tool. Your blog is so informative. You should write more often.

  2. you're leaving already?! tear. Yes, you are a great sister.

  3. yeah, and i just discovered its spelled "hoe." oops.