Wednesday, April 29, 2009

classics matter

so i've just finished watching driving miss daisy and a few things come to mind that i thought i should write about:
1) it's actually on aMC, not a&e. should give it the proper credit. and speaking of which, why is it "a" "M" "C". small a, big M and big C? i wonder who came up with that logo. why a small a? or two big letters? can someone explain this to me? i'd like to go back to the design firm or marketing person who created it. surely there is an explanation and they probably had to have meetings about it and whatnot. my brothers friend, charpie, is a designer and he makes logos and other great stuff. you should check him out at
2) miss daisy starts out the movie old and she just gets older and older. she reminds me a lot of my grandma. she says things like, "i don't talk about that - that's none of my business." then without skipping a beat, "but if you ask me, she done do nothin' right by him." or something. talk one second about it not being her business and then giving you her thoughts anyway. just like my grandma. but without a southern accent. which made me realize: my grandma is gonna be around for a looong time. just let this sink in for a bit, folks.
3) a quick shout-out to baby sean who i just found out was born last week. congrats!