Wednesday, April 15, 2009

money dont matter to night

before i launch right in, i just noticed a csi commercial on about some trek episode they're having. how come all tv shows these days are doing episodes about trekkies and / or *insert some dorky thing*-con? weird.

so, anyway, this evening, my mom points out that i haven't done my taxes. i'm not worried, i explain. she wants to bet me 100 bucks that i won't have them done before tomorrow morning. our hands lean in for the shake and i'm about to wrap my hands around hers when she quickly pulls away. "with $100 on the line, you'll make sure they're done!" and she was right. they would so be done right now. alas, i forgot about it this evening and have not done them. i still have 24 hours. i'm pretty sure i'm getting back at least two large, so that will be nice. it'll help pay for my may trip and then some (hopefully!). this is like last year when i was worried i would owe like $20,000 in taxes (long story), so i waited until april 15 to start my taxes, and then i owed $2,000. i was like, "sweet!" why didn't i figure that out earlier?? or two years ago i was in new zealand for most of the first part of the calendar year. when i got back, i decided to use the excuse "i was traveling" and filed for an extension even though i was going to get back quite a bit of money. i waited until the final deadline, october 15, to file and get my money. i could've done so much with it! and yet i procrastinated. as usual.

tonight i was talking to my friend, JaBootaay, and his IM said "yeah, i am just doing my taxes now. don't judge me." and i was like, "don't worry, i still haven't started mine." guess what his response was.... "i knew i could count on you to be the last one." !!! that's what i am. to be counted on. the dependable one - dependable to wait until the last minute. i just work better under pressure. sue me.

the other reason why i havent done my taxes yet is because 1) i dont technically know where all my files are and 2) i was going to use today to find them because today i... dum dum dum...
switched bedrooms! that's right, i am taking over my brother's bedroom (who is away at college), which is TECHNICALLY my bedroom since when i left for college 10 years ago (!), my family packed up all my belongings and moved them into his room and he then took my better and bigger room. and now i'm back! it's not quite as cool as when i was here - the bed is bigger so there is less room, but its still cool. and there is a tv in here now, too! zaz! so i am pretty sure i could stay here forever. and then i remember where i am... i have been fighting some MAJOR boredom in fargo these past few days. and last sunday i was really sad because i was looking for jobs and there just dont seem to be any that i am properly skilled for. so... well, thats a whole other story. i think i will be moving this summer, for sure by september, even if i dont have a job. there just is not a lot for me here. i complained to my mom about how bored i was the other day. her response? "welcome to living in the midwest!" there are, of course, spurts of things to do, but its not constant. and that is lacking.

as for me, i am going to enjoy my evening in this big bedroom... woo hoo! oh wait. i wonder if the sheets stay cold in this room. that might not be cool.


  1. I did my taxes while watcing the Super Bowl which is less lame when you consider that I participated in Stupor Bowl XII the day prior. Also at some point you'll have to tell me how you thought you owed $20,000 in taxes since that would be like 72k without making any estimated payments or W2 withholdings. Unless you one an obscure game show then it might make sense.

  2. you better enjoy that room while it lasts... since we've already pointed out that we've all moved home during or after college (except me) and you and jon are still assuming i'm going to.. so i'll be taking it back at that point..

  3. forgot to post why you took over the other bed room. It is because we are improving the old one! Removing wallpaper, painting and getting a new comforter. And since you are picking it will be YOUR will be moving back into it....Correct?

  4. We did our taxes early because we thought we were getting money back. Turned out it was only $84 so we put them away and forgot about them AND still haven't sent them. Usually we do it sometime in March... no reason. Just finally decide to get it done.

  5. subject: prince song. one thing about prince - he thinks he's cool because he always uses 2 and u, which i HATE. but i like the song.