Saturday, April 11, 2009

almost saturday night

what an exciting way to wake up this morning! my littlest brother, eric, aka player, has decided to follow in the illustrious footsteps of his older sister and created a blog. zaz! i have not read his first post yet, because we spent a fun night out on the town last night and i want to write about it before my memory is tainted with his recolection. you can check out one man wrecking machine by erdynorth at this link and follow him on twitter @erdynorth. add him to your google reader and have fun!

so back to yesterday. after my exciting day looking at dikes, i went with my mom to gma's house to do her upkeep (hair and nails). my mom is a one-woman beauty salon. my aunt, brenda, was there, as well. i brought my macbook along and showed grandma the photobooth function with the effects that make you look funny. here is a cute picture of me to give you an idea.
she HATED it. she laughed, and then said seriously, "get that thing away from me! why would you want me to look ugly?" she was semi-good natured about it, but i guess she didn't get it. i still had fun.

after an hour there or so, we drove back north and dropped my mom off at a bar my dad was at with my brother. i picked up my brother and we went to my new favorite friday night watering hole, o'kellys. they have cheap drinks and there is little chance i'll run into anyone i know. we sat in the back this time and ate SUSHI. mmmmm.... it was sooo delish! it's ironic that the best sushi in town is at an irish bar located in a hotel. that's the way things roll around here. i give total props to my little brother for trying sushi. i ordered two rolls and edamame. we also had miso soup, which, honestly, i can eat (or drink?) but it's kind of untasty to me. so i had a bit of that. player, my brother, really disliked the edamame, which i really didnt think was possible. i've never heard of anyone not liking edamame. its just a salty bean! i dont remember the names of my rolls, but they werent' raw (hoping the cooked food would mean my brother would like it better). one had spicy shrimp on the inside with spicy crab meat on the top. the other had shrimp tempura and cucumber. mmmm... anyway, i tried to teach player how to use chopsticks and he was decent for a first timer. i love using chopsticks and think i'm pretty good. it's like with my toes. i can pick up anything with my toes. anyway, he first tried the crab meat because he couldn't pick up the whole roll (they were falling apart - not too tightly wrapped). he HATED it. i thought he was going to spit it out. then i had him try some of the tempura flakes from the other roll, to get him through. he didn't mind those (who doesnt like deep fried?) but didnt like the roll. it was sad. i really wanted him to have found this fabulous new food for him to tease his pallet. no luck. he went back to his buffalo wings.

eventually we were going to meet my other brother, homie, and his gfriend, lindsay at the movies, i love you man. we first stopped at a liquor store and picked up sprite in a bottle and a flask of shmirnoff blue label to drink during the movie. mmmm. it was fun and the movie was funny. good times.

homie thought he might want to go downtown to billiards for pool and beer. i wasn't really feeling it, but decided i should bond with the bros. so homie left to take lindsay home (or something?) and player and i went downtown. since billiards isn't really my thing (i just dont get the whole angles part), we went to my sort of bar, the ho do, or hotel donaldson, to wait for homie. the ho do is kind of posh and swanky and trendy. i haven't been there in years. we saddled up to the bar and ordered some drinks which were just so-so. i'm not really into bitter drinks. i figured i would continue on the schooling mode of the night, so i had player order an appletini. i think scrubs attempts to make it a non-gay mans drink and my brother had never tried one. he liked it. then i ordered him a lemondrop martini and had the bartender give us a shot of limoncello to try. he also liked.

it's about this time that we notice my other brother's friends, charpie and joe, at the bar. we hung out with them for a bit and had a really fun time. after writing all this, i'm getting a bit winded and really want to go watch a movie. so let me just summarize the rest of the night: i stopped drinking so i could drive. i dropped off joe and then charpie, player and i went to perkins. i thought we were going to get thrown out. why? let me explain: almost picking a fight with another table, trying to pick up girls at another table, "stealing" a bag of cookies, then taking a bite of each and throwing them at people, stabbing a stack of toast and waving it at the waiter, and other fun stuff. it was quite funny and they're probably used to people like those in my party (not me!) at that time of night (3am). we were having a conversation about movies and asked the waiter, who was slightly socially awkward, what his favorite movie was and he said, "thats a really broad question." "just pick one." "ok, the big lebowski" and then, without waiting for a response, he did a little spin on his heel and walked off. !!

eventually i had to drop charpie off and player and i went home. good bonding time.


  1. i'm pretty sure charpie ate a little bit of everyone's food last night...

  2. this post made me want to come to fargo a little bit more then before....find me a flight :-)

  3. this post made me want to leave Fargo a lot more than before...find ME a flight :-)

  4. *I* would like to know what the fight with the other table was about.

  5. That sounds like a good time! Too bad I wasn't there. Those boys make me laugh.

  6. subject: song by john fogerty. picked for obvious reasons