Saturday, February 14, 2009

friday night lights

the unimaginable has happened. this evening, despite a lazy attitude and lack of motivation, i put on make up (the first time in MONTHS) and got out of my sweats and went to a bar. yes, a real life bar. with real life people and real life ALCOHOL. and know what's better? the ALCOHOL was CHEAP!

so yeah, my brother and i went to o'kelly's bar which is the bar attached to the kelly inn in fargo. i would say the kelly inn is a step below a holiday inn - decent stay at a decent price, but no hilton. the bar could be described as similar. fine establishment, but no swanky east coast bar (of which there are MAYBE two in all of fargo, anyway. needless to say, lavish bars are not a typical hangout for anyone in my family). o'kelly's also doubles as a gambling spot - i think they have blackjack tables and keno is available, as well.

so me and the homie were hanging out and i notice the little flyer on the table talking about their specials. well, it was friday and so all vodka-mixed drinks were TWO DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS. that's right bizatches. you can get totally blitzed in north dakota for less than two drinks in boston. not that i got blitzed at all, of course. we chatted and caught up, which was really cool. oh, and the whole reason why we even went there - they have free wings and other crudites and appetizers starting at 5pm. it was like the best thing ever. we were also possibly the youngest people there, although i wasn't totally paying attention to others. apparently it's the watering hole for the 35-45 farming crowd (lots of flannel and baseball caps). it was fun.

after our little adventure out in the real world, we headed chez mes parents and homie did a few computer things for us. turns out my PC, which i've set up downstairs so that i can make all of our VHS magically turn into DVDs, is kind of crap. my brothers make fun of buying an e machine, but hey! i was young and uninformed and my brothers weren't smart enough to build be a computer back then (btw, if you want someone to build you a computer for less than half what a new computer costs at best buy, let me know).

OH. and happy friday the 13th everyone!


  1. I like the Happy Friday the 13th at the bottom, considering most everyone is reading this on Friday the 20th. Boyakasha!

  2. I think you're forgetting a very important part of the story...about a certain gentleman friend joining your table...

  3. I think you're forgetting an interesting part of the story...about a drink purchased and a phone number asked for...

  4. subject: i don't watch the tv show, so this is a hat off to the 2004 movie.

  5. Blade Badass says that $2.50 is a pretty good price. Back in my hometown, they still offer all you can drink PBR for $6.00 - and no - this is not for a 1 hour 'happy hour', this is for all night.