Saturday, February 28, 2009

feb twitter archive

  1. just won despite being cheated. all is forgiven.
  2. i've just been cheated by my little brother in a game of phase 10!
  3. SUPER fun time with @erdysouth and @erdynorth!! (and @hassie!) and congrats @charpie for best of show!
  4. i want a slap chop now.
  5. just took my mom to work. it's just wrong. i'm so tired.
  6. yeah i was afraid of that @erdynorth. more qualified than you, though!
  7. i want to be the person who decides who is invited and where they sit at the oscars. thats possibly the only thing i'm qualified for
  8. wish i had been able to watch erdmann family favorite grease, but was cleaning @suite56 instead all day...
  9. They just served me ortega shells! I can make this at home! Wtf.
  10. Juano's downtown sucks. Slow service. Little chips. Cheap happy hour (2 for 1 cocktails first round only!). Never coming here again. I'm ...
  11. Pdwgmd
  12. friday night out with homie - finally immortalized! enjoy it here
  13. another discovery channel gem: sex toys: can you hurt yourself with them?
  14. was just watching 627 lb woman on the discovery channel. could only take 5 min of it and now me and tomerd are goin to the gym
  15. tomerd to @erdynorth tonight: "did you take your cocky pill before you came home?"
  16. my little brother is home!! he used to be so much cuter when he would come give me a hug right away....
  17. @erdynorth ok we can eat at labby's but i'm not picking up the bill if it's there. or bww.
  18. @erdynorth and @erdysouth we can eat wherever you guys want. somwehere northside i guess...
  19. thanks @erdysouth!!
  20. @Erdysouth i could probably do fotc in msp in may. then you could leave me in the cities before my flight to cdg on the 6th
  21. just saw the reader at the fargo theater. good flick. still pulling for slumdog for best picture...
  22. watching the mighty ducks. ducks vs. hawks in the championship. emilio estevez used to be so hot.
  23. just saw benjamin button. i guess it was impressive...?
  24. just booked my ticket to paris in may for my friend's 30th birthday! (damn, i'm getting old)
  25. Having cheap drinks with @erdysouth at o'kelleys. So cheap! $2.50 for my vodka diet coke. Would be $10 min in bos
  26. kindred travelers! my gma is going to san diego and i was thinking of going with her - what do you think @delicateleah
  27. it's hard work living at home. :)
  28. i just need to book tickets to europe and then to vegas and then back to fargo... all in may - to award me for working so hard. :)
  29. just booked a ticket from vegas to cancun and then new york! zaz!!!
  30. just helped my dad forward an email and set up a signature. so cute!
  31. my fortune: you'll accomplish more later if you have a little fun this weekend. zaz! check out: http://wanderlust-ndstyle.b...
  32. yeah your hear and your arb and your mink (@erdynorth)
  33. @erdynorth why are you trying to watch that movie anyway?? i think you're surgery has gone to your hear - you're crazzzzyyyy
  34. i cinged my face. again. sigh. read about it here:
  35. new post on wanderlust! http://wanderlust-ndstyle.b... check it out about @erdynorth red shirting.
  36. drinking an italian margarita and making vday cards. zaz!
  37. just discovered twitter!! now you can keep up with my blogs. zaz!

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