Thursday, April 16, 2009

come on baby, light my fire

it's getting very stressful for me now that i am working again. granted, i dont work full-time. or even part-time. but 3 hours a week is starting to wear on me. i dont know how you normal people do it. how i USED to do it. take right now, for example. it's 11:28 and i want to stay up longer doing a lot of things - catching up on my google reader and my 13 podcasts i have missed all day because i was so busy - but i can't because i have to get up tomorrow to make sure i am at work for my 10:15 appointment. and it's not like i can just roll out of bed and go. i need to make sure that i have eaten at least an hour before i go and i try to drink at least 2 big bottles of water or other non-alcoholic liquids before i get there. i've figured out the key to plasma donation: drink lots and lots of fluids so that the blood flows quickly and the plasma bottle fills up faster. less time + same amount of money = more $ per hour. woo hoo! i'm not an hourly employee, you see. i'm salaried. i get $20 for the first time i am there in the week and $50 for the second time. if i can pump that plasma out in an hour, combined with the time it takes to get there and back and the time it takes to answer stupid questions about my non-existant social life, i figure that's about 3 hours a week. over $23/hr. not bad! but if it takes me longer and i spend 1.5 hours each time, then i am down to 17.5/hr. not quite as impressive. so i have to set my alarm for something like 8:30 tomorrow morning to make sure i am up in time to "get ready" for work.

but it doesn't end there. i had to PREPARE in advance. thinking ahead to what i'll eat tomororw morning, i had to go to the grocery store today to buy peppers and chicken. i should've cooked it tonight so i could warm up tomorrow, but i didnt get a chance since i was.... doing my taxes!! and guess what time i got them done, biatches! 4:30 easy! i had over 7 hours left to do them. i so rock. but, it meant that i couldn't cook my chicken. so now i have to do that tomorrow. in addition, i almost freaked out a second ago - my dvd player wasn't charged! i would've been ang-gry tomorrow if i had to go to work tomorrow without my dvd player. luckily, i remembered and it is currently getting a nice top-up of electricity.

so that is my stressful evening for you. and i truly do believe its stressful, oddly. i found a gray hair a few months ago. which is SO WEIRD. why would *I* have gray hair?? i have no stress! or had, anyway. it really freaked me out, this gray hair. i promptly plucked it out of my head and taped it to a post-it note and put it on the bathroom mirror so my parents could see. did they comment the next day?? noooo. gray hairs on a 27-year old don't phase them. i dont know why. i am soo dying my hair next month.

so the other big news is: ta dah! taxes are done, man. dishes are done, man. quick, name that movie. after getting home from the grocery story, i asked my mom if she wanted to go to a movie. she said she would ONLY if i got my taxes done. i have never worked so quickly ... since i got home. dangling a movie in front of me sure lit a fire under my ass. with just 10 min to spare, i finished and so i went to taken with the 'rents. it was a good action flick. i wonder what people in europe think... it made the french look not-so-good. really it was the albanians, but the french covered it up. it almost makes me worried for my upcoming trip in may. i'm going to paris, at which point i will stay with lisa and dims and then drive with them down to the south of france where they have rented a big ol' house for 20 people for lisa's 30th birthday. i will spend 5 days there at which point, i will travel with elaine to marseille for the night before heading back to paris to catch a flight to las vegas, baby. there elaine and i will be meeting another set of friends and staying at the mgm grand. or is it the mirage? i can never remember. in either case, we have a celebrity suite for one night. swanky. after the long weekend there, elaine and i are flying to cancun for the rest of the week. then we fly to new york for a night before she heads back to london and i go to spend some time in boston with the peeps there. should be fun. but d'oh! look at the time. i have to get my beauty rest.


  1. Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead. I rock. And I didn't start my taxes until shortly after 9. Granted, I knew if I didn't get them done I was OK. Dropped off my check to the state (who I owed $13... LAME) shortly before 11. Taxes schmaxes.

  2. what are these taxes you aliens speak about??