Thursday, April 9, 2009

i write sins not tragedies

it's not quite my bedtime but i have nothing to do and i
bored. not board. although i bet a board is boring. so i could be a bored board. or a board bored. yes. this is boredom setting in.

i just spent the last half hour watching my boys on tbs, which is a show i LOVE. its so fun! you should totally check it out. and it kinda makes me want to move to chicago. but then i think about the olympics and all those people and oprah and i think.... eh.... maybe not. in any case, after my boys was i know what you did last summer. which, 10 years ago, i would've loved, but now, not so much. i'm not quite THAT bored. wait. board. no, bored.

today wasn't quite so bad. i was busy this morning, then went with my mom to pick up my great aunt to take her out to eat for lunch. she's really cute - all 87 pounds of her. i joked today that the wind wanted to blow her away. she agreed. i think she really is scared of the wind. during floyd the flood, she stayed at my aunt and uncle's house in west fargo (which is a city west of fargo - can you believe?). they have 3 dogs and one, when standing on his hind legs, is probably taller than her. to protect her from the dogs, my aunt gave her a spray bottle of water. my great aunt said she sprayed (not spayed) the dog, toby, once and after that, if she even reached for the bottle of water, he would run off. he's bigger than her, but he's afraid of her. good job, aunt lucy.

so the three of us went out to eat at the family favorite of perkins. woo hoo. here in fargo, perkins was cool in high school because, since there aren't a lot of "clubs" in town, perkins is where people would go late at night and act really cool, since it was the only place that was open (and not a bar). for my 16th birthday when i was a junior in high school, my friends arranged with my parents beforehand to take me out for breakfast. the night before my birthday, my dad told me they had a plumber coming the next morning to do some work so i wouldn't be able to shower and i had to shower that night. the next morning, i was laying (lying??) in bed when i heard my dog start barking. i knew something was up. my friends came charging up the stairs and burst into my bedroom. they kidnapped me - IN my pajamas - and took me to perkins at 7 in the morning. they allowed me to take a robe, but other than that i was wearing an oversized pink shirt with some cartoon character on it (ironically, its the shirt i sleep in when i am home, so i am still sleeping in it), a robe, and an oversized doctor seuss hat. it was fun. we have cute pictures.

what else? we ran errands and then stopped for a chai. oh! get this! so we stopped at BABB's here in fargo, which i am totally calling them out because i am not pleased. babb's is a cute coffee shop on main avenue in downtown fargo. we went there because i wanted to get a chai from a place where i had a frequent buyer card. the other two places were further away, so, despite being more expensive, we went to babb's. i have never had a bad experience there, until today. the girl behind the counter wasn't really paying attention to us, no big deal...
"what can i get for you?"
"hi, we'll have two medium chai lattes."
"ok, what size?"
"umm, medium."
... ha ha ha, that was funny. then, she asked for my name and i told her that i was in the system. see, babb's thinks they're smarter than other people and don't hand out the punch cards, they keep it in their computer. i have no idea what you have to do to get a free drink, and it might not even be possible, but i filled out some form a while ago and now i get to tell them i'm in the system. so she asks for my name again and i tell her. in the middle of taking our order, she says to the other girl "i can't believe this person hasn't called for this cell phone yet." almost in the middle of me talking. she forgot to tell the girl making the chais that one was soy milk and the other was regular milk. again, no big deal. whatever. during all of this, my mom is cleaning out her bag finding change to tip them. so then the girl tells us the total and we pay. she says "you can go wait over there and we'll call you when they're ready." i realized she didn't ask my last name, and there are probably a few danielles in the system. how could she know who i am? i mean, i'm famous, but not THAT famous. or famous at all, i guess. "oh, i forgot. what's your phone number?" i tell her. "ok, i'll have to write it down and see if i can go back into the system and put it in." ummm... ok... so we go sit down and i was annoyed because that was the whole reason we went there! so the other girl calls our name, and i go up to get the chais, "were you able to put it under my name?" i politely ask. "oh, we'll try." and then she walks away. !@$$@$#%! how annoying is that?? there is little else that i despise more than poor service. AND we tipped them. that really gets my irk. or irks my get. or something. i'm annoyed. grrr! so, just to spite them, i took a whole bunch of splenda packets. take that, babb's!


  1. i should be in africa saving the world instead of annoyed at a chai. double grrr!

  2. yes the splenda packet payback (i call it the SPP)... that's a classic. good work.

  3. thanks, player! we should go around town and become the splenda bandits.

  4. No Africa!! You won't even have a Babb's there to complain about!

  5. subject: one of my new favorite bands a few years ago (what happened to them?): panic! at the disco. if you can pull off an exclamation in your name, more power to you.