Tuesday, January 6, 2009

if everybody looked the same

try and try as i might, i just cannot seem to get my family into tea. i LOVE tea and tisans. i hardly drink pop or juices, can't remember the last time i had milk, so tea is my form of non-alcoholic drink. i even got my mom to try my favorite tea, a tisane from france called reglisse menthe. her first tastes were good and then she decided she just couldn't get into it. my father and brothers wont even try it.

the differences between my family and me don't end there. today, my friend in boston said to me online, "i heard the vikings are in the playoffs, that's great for the midwest." i LOLed her. "yeah, they were. they lost yesterday." i only know this because my family was not pleased last night. i wouldn't have even noticed except that my brother was home and he would never come over here to just hang out with us. he made a comment, "danielle, i don't know how you're even in this family. how can you not watch the vikings?" it wasn't hard. i took a bubble bath with some wine and watched chuck on dvd. it was great.

a few weeks ago, i was at a bar with my cousin and her sister-in-law (is that my cousin-in-law?). it was a sports bar with numerous tvs on the walls. apparently they were showing the vikings game from '98 or '99. my cousin, sara, starts going on and on about how that was the worst day of her life. i asked her why and she said, "because the vikings lost and didn't go to the superbowl. it's the worst day of any viking fans' life." my cousin-in-law said to me, "aren't you a vikings fan?" "sure," i responded - i grew up in a sports fanatical home. i know my place. "i'm a vikings fan. i guess that was the worst day of my life, too." i had no idea!

i wish i was more interested in sports, i do. i just can't seem to get past the fact that it would be so much more fun, and far less time, to watch the highlights later in the day - if even that.

... i could go on with other differences between me and my family, but i just got hit with a horrible headache and unsolved mysteries is on. why do i watch these shows??


  1. i used to not be interested in football. but there are compelling reasons to follow. the rivalries, the fans of the rivals and their relationships with each other (i.e., waiting for the trash-talking and potential shoving matches, kinda like watching nascar only for the car crashes). and for the thinking person, it's like a chess game with 300 pound pawns.

  2. i can understand that logic. but i'm not sure its enough to get me to want to stop watching a movie because a football game is on...

  3. danielle, the good thing is that we still love you very much, most of the time.

  4. I didn't have a choice on whether or not I was going to be a vikings fan. My brother just told me I was and when your 14 and can't talk because you just had your tonsils removed you don't get a say in what to watch on TV. So if a vikings game was on that is what I was watching. That is when I learned I actually liked football. But it's okay that you're not into it. Maybe someday your brothers will see that. I still like you though. And that game still gives me nightmares.

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