Wednesday, January 7, 2009

another night

when do you take someone off your holiday list? or even more to the point, when is it too late to send out holiday cards?? i take it that now is not too late because 1) my parents keep receiving them and 2) i'm still sending them. i think i sent out my last cards today. no, wait. i have 3 left - they are addressed, but i have to write a nice, heartfelt note. that might take some time for me to dredge up. :)

but seriously, when should one take someone off the holiday list? i seem to just keep adding people. (btw, if you have not received one from me, and usually do, let me know - i have 5 cards that i don't have addressed and i can't remember who i haven't sent to.) my mother is convinced that people are slowly widdling her off her list since we, as a family, send out cards on average once ever 4 or 5 years.

my cousin sends out her cards every year the weekend of thanksgiving. like clockwork. one year it will be my goal to beat her. that's about the time that i addressed all of mine this year. addressing, stamping, return labeling. these are actually my favorite part of sending cards. oh and picking out the cards, of course. i don't mind writing the note, i rather enjoy it. but i love filling out the front.

today was the first day i have left the house in... well, i have no idea how long. days. and i only realized it as i was driving to the grocery store. i was pulling up to a stop sign about to take a right and realized i couldn't see the cars coming from the left. the snow was higher than my car. i had to practically pull out into the street just to see if i could turn. december 2008 was the snowiest month in this area EVER. not for december. for ANY month EVER. we received over 33 inches of snow. thats a lot. and guess what. i love it. love it! love snow. oh, wait. i went outside on sunday for sure - i went out shoveling. or was that saturday? hmmm... oh how the days pass when you have nothing specific to do.

when i wake up, i typically watch all the new podcasts that have downloaded on my computer - AC360, wine library, and two french news casts are the daily ones. i spend my days catching up on a lot of reading online. i watch a movie or two or maybe some tv. there might be some wii thrown in. my fabulous left half, cousin sara, comes over a few times a week for yoga. then my mom is usually home in the early afternoon and we play cards while watching hgtv. my parents and i will eat dinner and i may or may not have some wine (tonight yes). i'll read some in a book before i go to bed (usually have 3-4 books i am reading at one time) and then i'll watch a podcast or two as i fall asleep. i see my grandmother and great aunt at least once a week (not usually together) and constantly try to get my brother to come over to play cards with the three of us. since july, i think i have set my alarm less than ten times to get up in the morning. five of those times were to catch trains or planes. sigh. now i shall go to bed and then repeat.


  1. hi. you sent a card addressed specifically to bobby and not me (envelope said "bobby bannister", inside card said "B-"). i'm hatin'. please address situation publicly.

  2. yes, I can attest that Danielle does like the should see her out there shoveling!! After I taught her the correct way to shovel, she has been doing good.

  3. Hi there I stumbled across you site doing a search and noticed your problem...

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  4. [dave] i am certain i have sent cards to you and not b. i think of you two as separate people and therefore separate cards. since you live at the same address, sometimes they are the same (you should be getting one of those soon). want me to only send group cards? :)

  5. no to group cards! I should be receiving more cards then him he didnt get a card.

  6. I think that your life would be ideal right now. Really, really ideal. Yoga this weekend?

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