Wednesday, January 7, 2009

support my brother's friends!

hey guys, thought i would try and get out the vote in my own humble way... my brother's friend (and my ex-boyfriend not really), charpie, is a masterful video-maker/designer/artist - anything creative guy (he was jack black in the video i posted a few weeks ago). he is in a group that makes videos (?) and they entered a video in to a doritos contest. out of thousands of videos, they made the final five! click on this link to vote:
for their video - the first one, called "too delicious." all the videos are good, but if you vote for any other video, i will hunt you down. you have to register to vote, and it takes a few clicks, but it's totally worth it. the winning video will be played during the superbowl - zaz!! so be sure to register and come back every day to vote until the end of january - i will love you forever!!

nike - just do it!


  1. Also, everytime you vote you are registered to win two FREE tickets to the Superbowl!

  2. Also- I just noticed that when I went back, the videos aren't in the same order. So it might not be the first one, but it is called "Too Delicious"