Monday, January 5, 2009

hotel, motel, holiday inn...

ok, i have absolutely NO IDEA what that has to do with food, but i was trying to be crafty in coming up with a song title for my blog post today and i was trying to think there might be a song that goes something like this, "snickers, butterfinger, and a kit kat, too." and there isn't. that i know of. so this popped into my head next.

on that note, check out my weekly kitchen katastrophe post at mad tasty.


and please comment!!


  1. Rapper's delight has everything to do about food there are atleast three references four if you count beer as a food. We like butter on our breakfast toast, like collard greens that don't taste good and my personal favorite the macaroni's soggy, the peas are mushed and the chicken tastes like wood . . and the chicken's rottin into somthing that looks like cheese (technically you could even count two chicken refences but that seemed like cheating - sort of like me commenting on bacon wrapped sausages with a tag line of OIYM). Saddly though the correct song given your thought process would have been Kit Kat Jam, which actually doesn't have anything to do with food. Alternatively, if you wanted to go spoken word or boycott Dave Mathews and/or his band Mitch Hedberg is a good way to go atleast two Kit references in his material that I am aware of, he was the voice of Jimmy Johns briefly and his first album title was a food reference. I'll expect better in the future.

  2. tc you dont fool me a bit. i know its you and your "anonymous" posting. love it. gracias.

  3. I wasn't actually trying to fool you. Particularily since I also sent you an e-mail that clearly has a similar syntax and narative voice I was just too lazy to put forth the extra effort to attach a name.

  4. subject: as related by "annonymous" this is by rapper's delight. enjoy.