Thursday, January 1, 2009

cel-e-brate good times, come on!

new years eve. how i hate thee. let me count the ways...

happy 2009 everyone! yes, i am awake. more importantly, i'm practically sober! it's 1:30 am and NO ONE i know is awake. (that i can tell, anyway.) spent the evening in playing cards, watching movies and tv, and drinking champagne with my parents - it certainly wasn't the most uneventful new years i've ever had.

senior year of high school, three of my friends and i went to a 9 o'clock movie - i can't remember what it was right now, but i am sure i have the movie ticket stub and could find out. anyway, we got out of the movie around 11:35 and realized that we could speed back to my house to get home in time to watch the ball drop. we got home at 11:58 and stood in front of the tv with our jackets on. then they left.

two years ago, i was in sacramento. i had been in boston for work from early december until mid-december. the day after the company holiday party - scratch that, four hours after i got home from the holiday party, i had to wake up and make a run to the airport to get home for christmas. completely hung over. NOT. FUN. FLYING. HUNG. OVER. spent a week or so chez mes parents and then flew back to sacramento. one of my best friend's from france was in new york for new years. the majority of my other friends were also in new york at whit's aunt's place for an awesome party. i was stuck on the west coast. hours behind everyone. i even tried to find a plane ticket but couldn't justify $600 for 3 days. friends called me before the balled dropped, but of course that was at 9pm my time. then they forgot about me and i couldn't call anyone when the ball dropped in LA. i put on a pretty dress and drank a magnum of champagne all by myself. it sucked.

last year, i can't exactly remember what happened but since i was disappointed in the holiday in general, i wouldn't go out with my friends (i'm stubborn like that) and i think i fell asleep before 11. drinking alone again, but not even to the point where it was fun.

this evening i spoke with my cousin, both my brothers, and exchanged texts with friends in DC and london. no one really had any cool plans. just another disappointing new years.

what did you plan to do? and what did you end up doing??


  1. i had no plans and ending up watching how i met your mother. you should be proud of me.

  2. i am proud of you! cheap and safe fun. zaz!

  3. subject: this song is actually titled "celebration." which is a popular song title by at least three different singers. this is a direct reference to the great kool & the gang.