Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the winner takes it all

so something really cool happened yesterday.  i've already teased my family about it and am announcing it here...

swear to god, this is no joke.

i won a car.

yep, i entered a drawing at this sushi restaurant i go to all the time and they called me yesterday to tell me i had won a car.  a honda fit, in fact.  here is a picture of it.

kind of sporty, no?  i wonder how much it retails for... obviously i dont need a car in boston.  holy crap.  i just looked it up.  its worth $17,000!  i obviously have no concept of cars and how much they cost.

so isnt that wild??

here is what happened.  i am a member of this frequent buyer card for this restaurant i love, mikunisushi.  i got a voicemail from them yesterday "hi danielle, this is michelle [btw, i love it when other names rhyme with mine] from mikuni sushi.  i'm calling about our promotion and to confirm your address."  so i call back and she asks where i live because my address on my account is in boston.  mikunis is the restaurant i go to in sac all the time when i'm there for work.  "oh, i live in boston, but i'm in california often for work."  then she says "oh, well, we drew your name to win a car in our vegas promotion, but i think its only for california residents... let me check.  hold on."  so she puts me on hold.  i had no idea i had entered a contest for a CAR.  i thought it was for a trip to vegas or some free sushi or something, so i was trying to convince her that i would be in california soon to collect my prize.  "hi, danielle, yeah, i'm sorry to tell you but the contest is for california residents only.  i am so sorry!"  "eh, thats ok."  i honestly didnt really care.  it was kind of funny to me.  so i won a car.  except i can't have the car.  then she said something REALLY hilarious "well, thank you for frequenting our restaurant as much as you do when you are in town!"  which is funny because i go there
when i'm in town.  i think i went at least 3 times a few weeks ago.

in this case, contrary to the stupid abba song, the winner does not take it all.  but i'm not bitter.  and i'm actually serious.  i thought instantly "this will make an AWESOME blog post!"  here is my convo with my roommate about it:

8:39 PM me: hey
8:40 PM i won a car today
8:42 PM Ryan: excuse me?
 me: i did
  but i cant accept it bcs i'm not a resident of CA
  it was a honda fit
 Ryan: lol, what are you talking about
 me: mikunis, the sushi resto i go to in sac
  drew me to win a car
 Ryan: ROFL
8:43 PM me: but they called me bcs they saw in my profile that i live in MA
 Ryan: want me to go to sac to pick it up for you
 me: ha!
  i wish
 Ryan: they were like "hey you won... but you can't have it" ?
 me: so she left me a msg
  and said "i'm calling from mikunis to confirm your address" or something like that
8:44 PM so i called and told her that i lived in MA, but am in Sac often
  bcs i thought she was calling about free sushi or something
 Ryan: lol
 me: and then she said "we drew you to win a car, but i think its for ca residents only. let me check"
  and then she put me on hold
 Ryan: ROFL
 me: and came back and told me that was correct
 Ryan: thats so bizarre
8:45 PM me: yeah
  but the thing is
  i didnt enter to win a car
 Ryan: and something that would pretty much only happen to you
 me: they had some promo to get a trip to vegas or something
  and i entered that
 Ryan: haha
 me: apparently this was part of it or something
  why do you say would only happen to me??
 Ryan: were you supposed to drive the car to vegas?
  is that the "trip"
 me: i dont really know... i should find it online
8:46 PM dante was upset that i didnt try to get her to give it to him
 Ryan: lol
 me: which i WOULD HAVE tried
  BUT he is not a member of the koki club
 Ryan: i can't even listen to this
 Ryan: lol
 me: i find it very humorous
  doesnt make me mad at all
8:48 PM Ryan: oh, i'm sure. i think it's hysterical
 me: pretty much
8:49 PM makes fpr a great blog post!
 Ryan: lol, i assumed, yeah
so yeah.  thats pretty cool, non??