Tuesday, February 7, 2012

things that are making me happy

my friend e.lb and i were at the two door cinema club concert a few months ago and this song came on and i was like "i have NEVER known what that song name is!" so i just looked up the video (she found the song by using shazam which seems awesome - i need to use it.  do you?)

and the video made me happy, BUT left me with a bunch of questions:

  1. where was this filmed?? at first i thought sweden, but now i'm pretty sure its germany.  those crazy germans.
  2. i just looked up that darude is finnish.  i bet that was filmed in finland now that i think about it.  never been.
  3. i guess #2 wasnt a question.  nor is this point.
  4. what was in the box??  i can't believe they didnt show us!  talk about no pay off.
  5. something else that made me think i had enough questions for three bullet points, but now i cant think of them...
  6. do you like this song?  (maybe that was my other question)

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