Sunday, February 26, 2012


so yesterday was a weird day... i really really wanted to see the artist before the oscars tonight, so at 4:15pm i bolted out of my apartment to utrecht to take advantage of 25% for the day.  i got some new paints and disposable palettes and a few other things... i then took the t to the movies and, of course, it was sold out.  grr!  so i walked home and then watched nikita with my roommate.  i spent the evening painting and it was great.  i'm doing a lot of "prep" right now - painting backgrounds, putting tape on and then taping that section, etc.  its taking me a long time to finish... but thats ok.  i painted until 1:45, BUT i thought it was 1145.  when i got into bed i watched smash while falling asleep.  my plan was to go to yoga at 1030 today because i am picking up my little at 1 to go see hugo and then dropping her off and heading to watch the oscars.  of course, i woke up at 1045!  oops!!  totally was NOT expecting that.  so i missed yoga, which is kind of a bummer.

i'm pretty sure i have some work work to do this weekend, as well.  ugh.  there's never enough time for everything!

ok, i have to finish breakfast (eggs, brussels sprouts, and sweet potato tots!) and pick up my little...

who are you cheering for in the oscars?