Friday, February 24, 2012

grasping to control

sigh.  another day.  wait.  rephrase.

another day!

so i was at work until after 10pm last night.  it was a long, long day and i was super tired.  at 7pm i saw my coworker was still there so we popped open a bottle of bubbly and chatted for a bit (i keep some spare in my desk, of course).  i took a cab home after a few more hours of work.  i came home and chatted with my friend in ma-nil-a (not mi-lan).  that was a good chat.  then i got ready for bed and hit the sack.  i think i put criminal minds on to watch as i fell asleep and i think i woke up in the middle of the night holding my glasses.  AND i didnt set my alarm until 7am, and i woke up before it!  zaz!

so anyway, yesterday at work i booked a trip to cal-i-forn-i-a in 10 days time.  headin out for some work.  bo yah.  the hyatt i stay at was sold out, so i called my special diamond line and they FORCED THEM to give me a room!!  so now i get to stay there.  where i want.  AND i got a suite - bo ya!  bo yah?  boo yaaa?  hmmm... so that worked out.  hopefully didn't kick some poor schlep out of his room.

this weekend i have a whole lot of nothin planned.  trying to see my little.  then i think i'll do some more painting - oh, here is my updated pic.


nope.  dont have it on here.  will have to post it from my phone separately.  and my fancy new phone app!!

oh, right.  i'm going to watch the oscars at kc's house.  and do some yoga.  sunday is always busy for me these days.  i should probably do my taxes, too.  and an expense report.  although, to be honest, i am fairly caught up on those.  and maybe some more work.  good idea me.

so what have you got planned for the weekend?

[song by green day]


  1. It's NBA All-Star weekend! Tomorrow m&d (and maybe bro) are coming over to help us put together the crib and dresser/changing table. We will be making them dinner as well. Sunday night is the All-Star game and if Lindsay's lucky I will maybe let her watch some of the Oscars.