Tuesday, January 3, 2012

the more you know....

ding ding dong diiiing...

so this is really interesting to me.  i am the first to admit - FIRST - that i don't get religion.  it just makes no sense to me.  people who believe in things that they cannot see and touch and prove scientifically... i just can't do it.  i guess i dont have faith.  there is not a part of my being that can think "THEORETICALLY" such and such... and sometimes that sucks.  because a lot of people get comfort out of religion.  believing there is something higher or more important.  i never see it.  it just makes no sense to me.  IF there is a higher being, then WHY do bad things happen?  WHY this? WHY that?  it just makes no sense.  and the whole "he's trying to test you" argument... really?  really?  REALLY??  i mean... if thats the answer, then i dont want to believe in someone/thing/whatever who/that WON'T make things right for good people.  THAT actually gives me comfort and because of that i am confident and secure in my beliefs.  anyway, this was not meant to be a religious rant.  all i wanted to say was i just don't get it.  its a character flaw.  i'm sorry (not really).  it's also one i'm not going to be working on anytime soon.

in any case, this video is REALLY INTERESTING to me.  like i said, i don't understand religion.  i have never read the bible or the koran or whatever else there is out there.  i don't care to.  but when i hear things like this, it makes me think.

what did you think of that?


  1. Yeah, I dunno. I still think Michelle Bachmann is bat shit crazy. :)

  2. I'm afraid I have not been given the code either.