Tuesday, June 7, 2011

you put the boom-boom into my heart


i am in quite a good mood today. i am not sure how long it will stay, though. i think work might get a bit hectic and there is a ton that i want to get done. that will not make me pleased. i was supposed to go to a zumba class for big sisters tonight, but i had to cancel because... dum dum dum.... turns out my farm share starts today! woo hoo! i will try to take a picture of it so ya'll can see. thats actually not the only reason - it starts too early and i won't be able to leave work in time. i think i might take a diff class instead. we'll see. i also need to go home and fold my laundry before my roommate freaks out about it. eek! i got some study materials for a test i'm taking this fall. starting mid-july i take a class once a week. i'm gonna really need to buckle down and study for this. i would hate to fail. i still need to decide about an mba, as well. should i get one? not right now, i guess. but soon probably. or eventually, rather. it seems so funny to be a student again, though. there are a ton of books i want to read, as well. i'm reading right now about being mindful and developing self-compassion. its tough. AND its taking me a long time to read because the book keeps telling me to stop reading and sit and think for like 15 min. !!! wasted time, i tell you.

here are my current goals:
*set up a study plan
*book trip to europe in fall
*plan fun things to do for siblings when in town in sept
*plan travel for the summer
*finish at least 3 books
*watch less tv
*organize my checkbook and pay bills
*blog about birthdays - which were all awesome!! (for memory sake since its been so long by now!)
*bring in handbags to be cleaned/repaired, etc
*bring in shoes to be repaired
*actually cook my vegetables from the farm share
*get better at tennis
*start oil painting?
*get into voiceovers?
*travel to another state (only 4 left!! or is it 5?)

so much to do and so little time! what are your goals?


  1. o.

    actual blogging! good job! ;)

    I need to... get another certification this summer, but don't know which one to get next.... get my handicap to 12 or lower.... workout more (rather, just workout).... just to name a few

  2. zaz! i made my brother happy!! we should encourage each other to accomplish our goals!!

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  4. A+ Certified, start working out again, and shoot par on a course.

  5. and here i was, trying sooo hard to not complain about all that damn laundry in the dining room, when you were totally expecting me to freak! ;)