Sunday, June 12, 2011

i was born this way

so today was pride. which, i'm not sure if i have to specify that that includes a parade, which was "set up" right in front of our apartment. i wasn't feeling super well this morning, thanks mostly to the fact that i went out with kc last night and had a few drinks. so, after running unsuccessful errands, i took a nap. when kc showed up at 1145 they woke me up and i got out of bed. it was one of those naps where you are in such a deep sleep you can hardly move; once you do move, you have sheets imprinted into your body and oops! you've drooled all over your pillow. one of THOSE naps. so i got up and went outside. it was pouring rain. there were ... idk... 6 or so? other people outside (aside from kc, higgi and i) all sitting on our stoop. we had a big plastic bin in our entry way full of ice and freixenet (bubbly) and pitchers of orange juice to make mimosas. i had a drink, then two and so on... kc and i sat under the mini little overhang at the top of the stairs. we also had umbrellas. directly across the street from us was a white pickup truck pulling a flatbed blaring music and full of nearly-naked people. there were beautiful, buff, shaved men wearing teeny white shorts and a black arm band. the girls (of whom there were 15 or so and only 5 men) were all totally in shape and wearing the same teeny white shorts with black tank tops, the same arm band, and WHITE wigs with a black headband. everyone was dancing, and i presume drinking. they had these MASSIVE balloons - multicolored, of course, for pride - and since the parade hadn't started they were just having fun not really doing anything. NO ONE on our stoop minded that they were there for 20 min in front of us. it was a float for 42 below, which i guess is a vodka company. i will DEF be buying their vodka. if i can remember it. the parade lasted about an hour and it stopped raining as hard about half-way through. we all went inside (the 9? 10? of us) and had some more drinks and put on britney. it was a super fun day.

if you remember, i was supposed to take my little to the farm in western mass to pick strawberries. i called her on thursday to talk about what time i would pick her up and she asked if she could bring a friend. i told her i didn't think that was such a great idea (bcs 1) we're not supposed to have people with us all the time and 2) last time we met we brought her friend along), so she asked if we could reschedule for sunday. i said we could but i had to get back early because it was my roommates birthday party. she was also going to a friends house for the whole weekend for a birthday party. we ended up just rescheduling for 2 weeks from now. i was slightly disappointed, but in the end it worked out for me so i could go to pride, so i wasn't horribly upset. i, technically, have the right (as the big sister) to force her to keep plans we've made, but i don't really want to be mean about it. if she has other plans with her other friends, its not a huge deal to me.

oh, just for prosperity, i should mention what i did friday night. i went with kc to the ICA, a museum in boston. there was an event for members and we are all members so we went. it was open bar, which really meant 2 drink tickets per person, and then there was a film about women art revolution. the film was interesting, but not fabulous. it was a documentary about - you guessed it - women in art. the point of the movie was "name 3 women artists." go ahead. try. i couldn't do it either. its about the fact that the art world is dominated by unforgiving men who don't care about women. after the movie, we went to a new bar - forget the name but its where ivy used to be - and it was kind of a dud. the decor was awesome, but the clientele was weird and the music was bumming. could've been better. took a taxi and went home.

anyway, in honor of pride, i thought i would paste this flash mob. enjoy.

h/t here.

ps. did you celebrate pride? and can you name 3 female artists?

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  1. frida kahlo
    tamara de lempicka
    georgia o'keefe

    women artists rarely get the hype men do.