Monday, April 11, 2011

i guess sissy's growing up

if all goes well, fargo is plugged up and not flooding right now. the river was meant to crest last weekend, and despite the fact that i haven't written about the flood much this year, there is still a massive flood in fargo. again. apparently some other parts of north dakota are flooding worse this year than in 1997 (the past really bad flood). not good.

here is an excerpt from an email my mom sent me exactly one week ago:
Flood mode is reving up here in Fargo, although a ton of preparation has already been done. There are huge sandbag thingys at Edgewood. They have already diked behind Riverview Place. They are starting to put clay dikes in on 2nd street. That will take 4 days around the clock because it includes diking by Dike East. Sandbags are being delivered to neighborhoods tomorrow by police escort. Volunteers start on Wednesday. Kids are getting out of school. The forcast is for a warm up so the temperatures are a rising and the river will follow. It is a bit scary. The flood diversion is being met with many obstacles. People upstream and downstream are now meeting to try and stop the diversion. What a complicated mess. The $$ it takes to prepare PLUS the man hours is incredible.
by now, all the sandbags have been laid and now the main item in fargo is to monitor the dikes. people will be patrolling the dikes for weeks - walking up and down to make sure there are no leaks. the dikes are holding back a ton of water. its kind of scary to think.

in other news, fargo won the competition on the weather channel for toughest weather city. i was really excited and proud and telling everyone at work about it. one of my brothers' friends was upset with the nomination. to me, its a badge of honor. it says "despite it being horrible weather here, we're tough, we persevere, AND we're nice, good people." here is a video about winning it:

h/t here. i think its probably a good thing that i haven't been worried about the flood this year. there are other people monitoring it more closely than i.

i just had a great idea - we should get areal pictures of the river before and after the flood. that would be impressive to see.

[song is what is on right now as i write this. who sung this song? i can't remember. used today because i feel much more grown up about the river this year.]