Thursday, April 7, 2011

did you write the book of love?

mmmmmmmmm. i'm whiny. mostly because i'm tired and achy and ... have a lot to do at work but just cannot mentally focus right now. after work, i went to get a massage. i didn't love it (i love the ones in sac), but it wasn't horrible. i'm trying to decide if i should get a package deal from them. i might as well. its really nice to have those on hand. i left work feeling tight, slightly anxious and uncomfortable. i am more relaxed but now i am really tired and want to go to bed. i just took a tylenol pm so i hope to sleep well.

oh, so housekeeping: NO ONE got the poll right! i watched the dilemma. i wonder why everyone thought i would watch the tourist (apologies that it was speelt rong). :) it wasn't bad. it ended up differently than i thought, or got there differently, i guess. i liked that.

i had lunch with k today and i was telling her about my impending birthday party. i want to find some sort of theme. she suggested finding something that happened on my birthday. so i'm on wiki checking out the date. luckily, no one REALLY famous was born on my actual birthday (that would really annoy me). there's nothing interesting on that date. christian feast day - woo hoo! and ho chi minh's birthday. oh! is world hepatitis day. thats a good thing. avoid hep on my birthday. that could be a fun theme. what would that entail? clean needles? condoms? how else do you get hep? i should know that. hmm....

here is an article about my boyfriend.

i thought i'd have more interesting things to write about. i was wrong.


  1. everyone picked the tourist because you like to travel and i assumed it was about traveling to europe somewhere.

  2. ahhh. that makes sense. i didn't pick it because i don't love angelina. i do love johnny, though, so that might've cancelled it out. and i like stupid comedies.

  3. so listen, i sort of hate the song american pie. i don't think its amazingly meaningful like my 10th grade sociology teacher tried to convince us and i would really just rather you started using other blog titles. what do you say?

  4. lol. no, but thanks for noticing and asking.

    i like the lyrics (hence why i'm using them). the song is almost over. i'll switch after that.