Tuesday, April 5, 2011

and them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye

i've finally found a sport that i must be better at than my brothers... dum dum dum... ten-nis! i mean, i've never played against them, but i've now taken 4 or 5 lessons and i dont think they've ever taken lessons before. so right there, my five lessons have surpassed their natural athletic ability. surely. right? right. right?

tonight (monday) was a lesson and it was so much fun! its 1.5 hrs long and we even sparred afterwards. is that what you do in tennis? spar? i think so. we sparred. and me and my partner, keif turtle, WON against my friend lisa and the new girl. it was awesome. not the winning, actually. just the playing. oh, and get this: the teacher (is he a coach?) told me i was THE BEST STUDENT. mwahahahaha. i mean, there's only 3 other students and we're all beginners, but at least i'm a good student, right? and the best student. so fun. i can't wait until its nice out and i can go outside and play. and not look like an idiot. i think i have pretty good form. i need to practice more, though. not sure where to do that, though. its still a bit chilly outside and i'm not all about wet tennis balls. so we'll see...

ok, i'm actually pretty tired. and i have a ton of work i have to do (literally). i have to log on to work and get some reports done. sigh. not a big deal, but it would be great if i could just hang out. tomorrow i'm gonna get groceries (maybe) and maybe go to a movie. if i were to go to a movie, what should i see?


  1. I used to play quite a bit of tennis in the summer with Grant, Jordan, and Mike Roterdam... I pretty sure I would still win :) I went to Limitless and it was good.

  2. are you kidding??? you played tennis?? crap! now i'm annoyed. grr. :)

    AND you're tall so you get those high flying shots. double grrr.

  3. that reminds me of when you were playing basketball out back with some of your high school friends and either Jon or Eric, and you were pretty damn good!! You played great defense.

  4. My gym in Fargo has tennis courts. Consider yourself challenged. :)

  5. btw, what's with the laziness of titles? ;) Is American Pie the only song you listen to?