Tuesday, April 19, 2011


the countdown begins....

30 days

until i'm

30 years!!

woo hoo! i woke up in a really good mood because it is exactly 30 days away from my 30th birthday. but now i'm kind of not in such a great mood. i have a ton of work to do, nothing super pressing, i just need to get organized. i wanted to go to the boston international film festival (BIFF, duh) last night, but didn't because i had to go home and do my taxes. it took me less than 3 hrs to do AND i'm getting quite a bit of money back - woo hoo! BUT i was sad i didn't get to go to the movies. then i went to bed and got up and had all these plans for having a smoothie and getting all this stuff done before work and then poof! the morning disappeared and i was almost late for work. i have NO IDEA what i did. ugh. anyway, now i'm annoyed because i can't decide if i should stay at work late tonight and then go to BIFF at 8pm or if i should just go home and veg (which is what i want to do). or mabye go to the gym? ha. i have no idea what to do. its crappy weather out, so that is affecting my mod, as well.

i have friday off and i have a lot i want to get done. i am thinking about taking tomorrow off, as well, and seeing my little. we'll see... maybe if i did that then i wouldn't feel bad about being out late tonight. sigh. i'm so conflicted. what do you think? go to BIFF or not?


  1. yeah... i can't decide. what if i went to 2 movies in a row?? maybe that would cheer me up...