Wednesday, April 20, 2011


i'm going to be REALLY creative with my titles for a few days... quick note. am at home today. was hoping to see my little, but her phone is going straight to voice mail and has been for a few days now. i hope everything is ok. i assume she just doesn't have her charger or something. i guess i'll take her out on friday, which i also have off because the market is closed.

so yesterday i was in a bad mood. i think mostly because things were so up in the air, and i hate that feeling. but i am glad to have a day off, which i was feeling bad about taking because there is so much to do. but now i dont feel bad. i took a sleeping pill last night and slept in today and could tell i really needed it. i watched some tv and am now trying to buy tickets for my brothers and sister-in-law to come visit in sept. plane tickets are going to start going up really soon because of gas prices, so i want to be on top of it.

last night, i went to see arthur. it was cute, but made me sadder than i thought it would. then i wanted to go to this bar near the theater for some sweet potatoe fries and, lo and behold! it was PACKED. i wonder why. so i didnt eat there. i went to a convenience store and got some snacks and then went to the BIFF at 8pm. it was REALLY WEIRD. it was raining and i really wanted to go home and go to bed, but i thought "its a small festival, i should be supportive and go see it." so i went. it was a movie called the joneses. it was ok... very very indy. almost like it had been filmed on a handheld camera. and the acting was not great. kind of like a porn. where one person says something and then the camera moves to the other person - pause - and THEN the reaction. what i did not know is that the film was filmed in boston and all the actors and director and everyone were at the movie. they went to the front after the film for a q&a session, but i checked my phone and saw the bus was coming, so i ran outside to catch it.

this is a week of movies - today around 315 i am going to see win win with k (of kc) and her in-laws. should be good. tonight the roomie and i are going to get wine in the north end and have dinner there. i haven't been to the north end in a really really long time, so that should be good. i hope it doesnt start raining again. oh, i should go check the mail. crap.

fingers crossed we book a ticket soon!

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