Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i hear the mumblin...

just a quick post because i only have 20 min and totally didnt realize! i'm on a flight from phx to cvg and then on to bos. was in scottsdale for a work conference. it was good overall, but i wish i had been slightly more prepared and planned to meet some people ahead of time and whatnot. next year. on verra. anyway, the best part about all this is that i only have a 2-day work week! so thats cool. i'm also going to start using linkedin and twitter for work. so thats cool.

anyway, i wanted to write about what i did yesterday and why i didnt get a chance to write... this conference that i was at happens every year and the tuesday afternoon is always open so that people can go out with their clients/providers and mingle and do activities and have meetings and whatnot. so i took my client gliding. not hang-gliding. gliding in a plane without an engine. and it was pretty cool. i was looking forward to it the whole time until monday evening when my client started trying to scare me. he kept telling me stories about what makes it so scary and flipping the plane over and whatnot. so i was slightly nervous. but i just went with it anyway. its not like i was going to stop because i was scared. i've rarely ever done that. if i say i'll do something, i pretty much do it. and i fly all the time and that never bothers me.

so here's what happens: you're in a little plane that is made out of plastic/metal. its towed into the air by a crop plane. you go up to 5,000 ft above the ground and then push this button to let go of the rope. the crop plane takes off on its own and goes back to the ground. then you're just up in the air floating around. its easy-peasy. i was nervous while i was getting into the plane and because i did the acrobatic deluxe ride which meant that i had to wear a parachute in case the wings blew off the plane or something. they didnt. i think that woul'dve made it more exciting and i would've liked it more. but it was actually kind of uneventful. i didnt scream or anything like that. i'm not really a screamer. and it was fun, but not really anything freaky. as soon as we got in the air, i could tell it was really safe and easy.

here is a video of what you do:

i haven't watched it yet, but i'm assuming thats it. its from the company's website.

a friend of mine told me about how when he did it, he got out of the plane and was jumping around on the ground with my client and they were hugging each other and they were both really pumped. so i assumed that would happen, too, but, no... i just kind of walked out of the plane and it was like "ok. great. done. next." i thought for sure i would be an adrenaline junkie after this. but no, no adrenaline rush. i guess i'm pretty even-keeled.

that was kind of the highlight of the past few days.

so what do you think? would you go gliding? would you enjoy it? scream?


  1. just watched the video. yeah, thats pretty much it. except the whole thing is about 20-25 min long. and theres a lot of pressure when you go upside down, but its not bad. but those are all the views which are pretty cool.

  2. It looks pretty neat... It would be really fun if you got to do some of the flying

  3. i did get to do some of the flying! i wish i had done some flips... i just went forward and to the side....